Hong Kong Trip Dec 2014

13 Mar

Hello peeps !

After Harrison’s wedding , I stayed for another day before I went back, it was like a 2night event LOL

Met up with Adaline for very nice Vegetarian Dim Sum in Jordan:




HK was not so rushed when it was during Christmas season, I guess it was the festive spirit:

I went to Central , using the ferry from Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal :

They had a new flyer at Central !

I checked in with this photo on Facebook and just happened to saw Angus being tagged, he was in HK too!

So….. We met up!

Oh, I was really evil… Being the blur queen who had been to HK so many times a year, I can still forget where is Chai Wan.. So.. Oh well, Angus stayed in Chai Wan , and I asked him come to temple street for supper at like 12am+

Poor thing , he had to travel all the way down LOL

Tina told me that HK people will only meet up damn in the night if they are really good friends with you, and she commented that Angus and me must have known each other for a long time LOL

The truth is : I only met him once during a day trip in Singapore when Wincy brought him to meet me, but I guess it was fate that brought us together 🙂

This silly guy started washing all the utensils etc.


Even though he didn’t slept for the entire day , he had to accompany me till 4am , oops! Sorry!

Knowing that I loved HK milk tea , he brought me to drink it at Cha Chan Teng in HK:

Anyways, while we went down the stairs at the cafe, I asked him , what if I suddenly fell down , he just replied” I cannot help you!” hahahahhahaha! True enough~

Thanks so much Angus!

THANK YOU SO MUCH~ See you soon in Australia!


Hanoi Vietnam Trip Jan 2016

13 Jan

Went to Hanoi Vietnam, happened Uncle & Auntie Pau was there, so I booked hotel near them and we went for dinner :

We went to :

The Gourmet Corner Restaurant @

Hoi An Essence Hotel & Spa

Address: The Gourmet Corner restaurant, 32 Lò Sũ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 10000, Vietnam
Their food is really awesome, comes with nice night view of Hanoi, awesome waiter fluent in English and really really really good food, pricey in terms of Vietnam standard, but considered cheap as per SG standard.


Then we went to walk around nearby before returning to Hotel:


The next day, Tihyong , Shirong and Nigel came to join me :

Went for Lunch again at Gourmet corner, coz it was just too nice :

Went for water puppet show, though we didn’t understand a single word, but cannot deny the show is awesome, something very meticulous prepared:

Dinner we went for Pho:

To be continued..


Turkey Cappadocia Trip Oct 2015

21 Oct

Went to Istanbul to meet Xiaobai, the blogger for 2keeptraveling.com , guest blogger for OMY:

We went to Cappadocia, a beautiful place in Turkey:


Took the hot air balloon flight, fun, totally worth it!

Then Mr Xiao Bai San cooked for me :


To be continued..





Time is catching up~

11 Apr

Oh my…

What had I done ?

Travel in March.. Taiwan , Hong Kong , Shanghai, then  Japan, Seattle, Vegas, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong.. Then again Taipei, Kenting them KaoHsiung , then just landed for a few days , next week go Hong kong again …

Last month only went work about 8days , I really take my hat off myself OMG~

Need to rejuvenate for awhile after my Hong Kong trip and hopefully next month no travel for awhile..

Taiwan was great , but the moral of story told me that I should trash everything out before traveling with someone ^_^

Time is really catching up, new year resolution was to work less, now really less until .. 8days lor

when I rejuvenate, I am so going to revamp my blog ~


Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew~!

23 Mar

Dear founding father,

The pain of losing you is real, nevertheless, I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for our country.


lky 3



You’re the father of Singapore, no amount of “thank you(s)” will be able to show my appreciation.

lky 1

lky 2

I’ve traveled far and been to many places, there’s no place like home, Singapore.

I’m so proud to be a Singaporean.


Rest in peace…


“Miss plus size universe” 2015

2 Feb

Hello people!

I went to Trinidad & Tobago for a plus size pageant..

Shall blog about the pageant when I’m back ..

For now, gonna show you the winner first 🙂


Mike & Candice Wedding Dec 2014

30 Dec

Hello peeps~

December was a busy month for me , so many weddings~

This time Malaysia , Klang ^_^

It was a really big big big hall~ More like concert hall :

The cute couple:

The menu:

Then the next day we had our Annual Bah Kut Teh dinner before we went home:


Budi , Adil, Vivi , Sean, Candice, Mike, Yong Han , Theng, Josephine, Mayhooi and Timp ^_^

Goodbye my family~ Cya soon!