24 Jul

yesterday i pon sch again….

dis whole fat wk i only go sch 1 freaking day… which was roy’s class…

yesterday actually wanted to go sch, but i was woken up by the damn landlord, she n husband quarrel and they make big fat noise in the freak morning, ended up, i woke up at 6am and went out of my room to confront her, when i asked her wad she wanted, she gave me a horrified look and told me “nothing”, then i went back to sleep…..

as it was too early, i still gt 1 hr to slp, so i slept and ………….. OVERSLEPT


then thurs dint wanted to see de khoo zirui, n i was late by 1 min, she2 cfm mark me late agn, so i decided nt to go sch and went to take MC for bed bug ‘s bite, can claim leh, not bad rite?

wed went with been chen hui n dhinesh to somewhere…lol

then bought cookie for roy from subway, i ate 2 white chip, 1 double cho and a brownie

lazy to write now, shall update soon


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