An interesting week

19 Jul

Shall summarize what I’ve done for last week, quite interesting though 🙂


#1- Went to NTU Alumni club for spa video shooting, after that went to an Italian restaurant in Clarke Quay, more details will be out when info can be released.

My hair was on fire, thanks to the candle in the spa T_T


#2-Had to submit FYP on Wednesday, rushing like mad+ exam in afternoon, didn’t study and went on with it. After that, went to Music Inn for class, was so rushing, from school, cab fare @$22 T_T

Zee & me didn’t eat dinner, worst for me, not eating for the whole day, EMO also because Ken AP me, so……. It became an excuse for Zee & me to EAT ALOT!!

Me eating plate!! Was too hungry?

My Fav Omo rice from Box & Sticks ^^


#3- Had to go NYDC on Friday to do school’s project, so, I went to two outlets to do surveys. Spent a bomb on that and ate the NYDCs for two meals  T_T

The decor is nice! ^^

Our tea set with Florence aka Leng Leng

#4-Met Owner of Olette Lingerie’s owner on Friday too, to get the trial product from her, reviews will be out soon^^

Self shot of me in the lingerie, will upload the official version soon ^^


#5-Had another video shoot in Cosmoprof on Saturday, met Yuan Fang who is working there, what a small world?

Heard from her, Xue Yin & Trina already married, she’s going to get married too ^^

#6-Went to TCC for lunch, on the way did some survey in the cafe, the staff very nice, agreed to do survey for me ^^

Finger food from TCC

#7-Met Florence to buy stuffs, went to Plaza Singapura and 313 Somerset

While I was at 313, I was thinking of Orlenda aka Xiao Mei Mei , I SWEAR, I was thinking of her, 30 seconds ago… and I bumped into her already! OMG!

Me & Xiao Mei Mei ^^

Went to Superdog, sat down, and later, YiYi called out to me! Was so shocked!

Me & YiYi ^^


#8- Went to photoshoot @ Strand Hotel, photographer, David, was really great! So far, he’s the first one which I had placed high hopes on.

Night view of the hotel’s room

Hotel room key ^^

Our Breakfast ^^

Monday was a blue day, had to leave the comfy hotel and go school, which is 1.5 hour away T_T

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