So Real?

3 Aug

I had a dream last night, about Jonathan.

Ok, just to let you guys know, Jonathan is actually the 1st guy I ever had a crush on..

I had a crush on him since I was 7+ , 8 years old. Until I was 15.. It was the longest crush I ever had, probably in my life?  I guess if I can’t get what I want within 3 years , I would give up ^_^

The dream was very real, vividly I could remember the details, although I don’t know what the dream meant..

There goes my dream..

I was walking around a garden, with green grass, pink and yellow flowers in the garden, there was this fresh smell. I was wearing a white flowy chiffon dress, (I don’t ever wear white, only uniforms).

While walking around the garden, I was on the phone, with Jon.. I had this sad emotion, although the surrounding gives me a cheery feeling.

The content of our conversation was as such.

J- Jon

M: Jon Jon… (DON’T ask me why I call him that..its in my dream. LOL.) I don’t understand.. Why is everybody changing?  Why people that I’m familiar with, must change? Why can’t I just be myself? I don’t wanna change.. T_T

J: What do you mean? Who are you referring to that had changed?

M: Sometimes, its  not people that had changed. It’s me who refuses to change. Ani & Ana came back, after so many years.. I wanted to see them as much as I can… But I know, I can’t do that, they’ve their lives, people who they wanted to meet and others waiting for them.. Not only me..

J: Continues to console me etc.

Ya.. so that’s the end of the story..

 A photo of me & Jon during our Primary school’s gathering ^_^

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