A fun and sickly day

10 Aug

I’m very sick, asthma not getting any better, not getting worse,confused over whether to see doctor or not.

Workload is piling high, because I stopped work on 9th, National’s day.

National’s day, went to 5th aunt house for dinner, there’s lots of nice food, but I just couldn’t eat much, what a sad thing, it is really rare to see Toastie not eating T_T

Anyways, yesterday was very very very sick, and thus, couldn’t even do any work, although I stopped at Mac for 3 hours + to do work.

In the end, I bumped into Ying Mei Mei at Mac, and decided to ask her to accompany me home, to Mao Mao’s room to get my goods, and go home together with her.

We stay at the same area, so on the way lor.

Went for “supper” with Ying Mei Mei, wanted to get some soup, cause I felt cold, really cold.. and it worked.. the soup cleared up my mind a little, and I managed to pack my goods into the luggage.

I thought I got better, but alas, I couldn’t sleep well at night, flip and turned like crazy.. Morning I overslept, supposed to meet Ber Ber.

Left my phone at Mao Mao’s place. Wanted to call cab, but sim card no credit, so I felt very emo.

Lucky, there’s one cab, passed by my place. ( The road at my block very ULU, no cars in the morning)

Christina took the luggage down with me, thanks to her help, otherwise, I die.

Later on , went to fetch Ber Ber, went down to meet Emily, with my sexy voice.

After that, went to school to open my pushcart.

I act cute, act strong, take another bag of masks from Ber, supposed I take one luggage and one bag of masks, but in the end, I took two bags of masks and the luggage…. it was so heavy… I jitao =_=” and !@#&*()(#@#$%^&*()&^%$#$^()


Don’t think I so nice hor? Is because Ber cut her finger yesterday. It was a deep cut, I scared she kena her finger again..

Today’s mood in the early afternoon wasn’t pleasant, was sweating like dog in the fully air-conditioned hall, makeup almost melt finish, whole face almost dropped / absorbed by tissue papers.

Just then, Ken Toh appeared… So I went to disturb him, and called out to him.

Me: Ken Toh! x 5

Ken: What?

Me: YOU DOG!!!! HERH!!! (Give the dao kia face and stomp away)


That definitely made my day, although my voice already halfway gone, now talk also hard, can’t even sing a note, have to stop my vocal class with Alex..

But thank god, there’s Ken for me to bully awhile..


Honestly, I felt bad.. but yes.. thank you for your KINDNESS 😛

A photo of Ken, Qiu Qiu & me during our Shanghai Trip earlier on this year.

Thank you to both of you, and I seriously salute you for being able to take my Domo & Kaya nonsense ^_^

To be continued .. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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