17 Aug

Well, the whole week busy, to be exact, sick and busy, super sick yet still operated the pushcart sales thingy..

Exams round the corner, still haven’t study, good luck to me hugging the Buddha leg. LOL.

Super late and super blur recently, always busy and always don’t know what I’m doing..

Met Jessica just now, OMG, time flies, she’s my primary one’s classmate ^_^

Our “Laties” team in class, which is mine, had been selected to pitch the article to Teenage Magazine..

So later, I’m gonna roll to school for that..

At night, still have performance. At where?  I don’t know..

Looks like have to cancel my skincare class appointment with Christina first…

Finally got the time to go for my Makeup class, but Tebby is on leave and SK is going to give birth already.. OH MY…

This Sat going for a photoshoot with a Magazine, can’t reveal first ^_^

OH MY! Just remembered, Friday still have another appointment, what a great thing then.. LOL

Busy and busy, blur and blur..

Recently had a tiff with Nata, over me asking him to help me look after my bag for 5 mins when he was at the venue, and him getting upset thinking that I took him as a tool, only call him when I need help..

I was quite disappointed with him… And yesterday, I thought I couldn’t talk to him, and so I didn’t when I saw him.. I just walked away..

But today, I saw on his facebook post, about his job in his company, and I just casually asked about job vacancies for my friend, and he replied.

After which, just now, I met him, and straight away, I talked to him, and as though nothing happened…

That’s when I realized, its just pure stupid to be angry about such things, we have our imperfections, and I guess, to be friends, is to be accepting as well?

Oh well, so silly of me ? Kekekekeke  😛

A photo of me & Nata while we were at Sunway, the hot pot shot with Pa & Son ^_^

While we were at Sungei Wang, KL, Oiling Pig took the photo? ^_^


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