Cook & share a pot of CURRY!

20 Aug

Well… Decided to blog about this, because tomorrow is the day to “Cook & Share a pot of CURRY” 🙂

Why decided to do so ? Because I felt that there is a need to create awareness to our Singapore culture.

I believe lots of Singaporeans had eaten a Roti Prata before?

What is prata without curry? No matter what race you’re, I believe this special delicacy makes your mouth watering, just like how my Singapore grown Indonesian friend who migrated to USA, always missed the roti prata and curry, which you can’t get it elsewhere ^_^

What about the Famous 933 Golden pillow curry chicken?Oh my!

If you think curry is only for Indians, look again ? Even Japanese have their curries on rice ! And its super delicious ^_^

See? Even the Chinese have their own curry mix ^^

The highlight of the curries!

Even Breadtalk have their OWN curry Naan !!!!!! Isn’t that amazing? And its damn nice as well ^_^

In our Singapore’s multi-cultural society, we embrace different culture with open arms.

From the lunar 7th month’s “Ge Tai” , with all the noisy concert at night, bombing the HDBs with all the noise, even I , as Chinese, I don’t like it, but our other ethnic group’s friends, embraced it.

Why can’t the new citizens and immigrants/ foreign talents embrace our culture?

Curry IS part of our Singapore culture 🙂

So now! I’m gonna ask everyone who reads my blog to support this event of “Cook and Share A Pot Of Curry”.

The event is on 21st August 2011.

For more details, visit


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