A Humiliating Experience

24 Aug

Although I keep saying I will update my blog on Thursday, but I am SUPER SUPER PISSED OFF!



I wanted to write a complain email to that company, but apparently, the company doesn’t have an official website/ email.

As the Chinese say, this is call 有苦说不清

Below is a complain letter. If I can’t email them, I shall boycott them. The company is “Andrea Moda”, selling shoes in Toa Payoh central, opposite NTUC.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Horrible customer service received in Toa Payoh outlet

I bought a pair of shoes from the Toa Payoh outlet on 23rd August night, I was served by one of your staff Alvin, the shoes was a pair of platforms.

On 24th August, I wore the pair of shoes which cost me $29.90. Within 3 hours of normal wearing and minimal walking, one of the shoes detached, the platform and the top part literally separated into two parts, I used a tube of superglue to glue it, but to avail, the shoe soon detached again.

Wearing the pair of “defect” shoes, I went back to the outlet to look for your staff, she has long hair and slim built. I told her about my shoes problem, and I remove the pair of shoes and pass it to her, I then sat down at the bench in the outlet. After waiting for about 5 minutes, another staff of yours, which is a middle-age woman, came out, and she told me that she’ll have to send my shoes back to the head office for verification and checks before she can repair my shoes.

I then asked her about what will I be wearing if she removed my only pair of shoes which is with me now?

The middle age staff of your company, then told me that she has no choice, and can’t help me, then I asked her for the duration to repair the shoes, she said she had no idea, without even asking anyone/calling to verify.

I was at a loss on what to do, and then, this middle age staff or “aunty”, told me she’ll bring my shoes to the cobbler and see if there is any solution. So I waited for her to return.
Upon her returning, she told me the cobbler told her that the pair of shoes can only be repaired by the next day, and she had already took my shoes to the cobbler without notifying me about the delay of repair.

I was shocked to know that my shoes are gone, and I’ve no shoes to wear, and I’m rushing for an appointment.

I then questioned her about what am I going to wear since she took away my shoes, she told me that the slim lady, which is the branch manager instructed her to take my shoes for repair.

Then I wanted to her to let me speak to someone who can make decision, this aunty, then said that it was the “big boss” instructions to bring any shoes for repair, either to the cobbler or to main office. As I said, I wanted to speak to the boss or anyone in charge; she then told me that even she herself can’t see the boss, who do I think I am to see the boss?
Then she suggested me to buy another pair of shoes, I then asked her if I will get discount, and how much discount will I get if I buy another pair. She replied me with a “10%” and she said, at most “15%”.

I looked at her in disbelief, it was just like forcing me to pay for another pair of shoes, without even notifying me. After that, I asked for 30% discount at the very least, in the whole process, the “manager” didn’t even speak up, it was the “aunty” who kept talking back to me in a rude and demanding tone. I got a reply from the aunty, “NO SUCH THINGS”, it was in a rude tone and she gave me a disgusted look.

After which, the aunty told me, “I lend you my shoes, then you can save money” &“otherwise, you can wear my shoes to go other stores and buy if you like” I felt really discriminated as though I’m a beggar in your store.

My mind was in a blank for a few seconds, and your staff happily walked away ignoring me.

At that point of time, I badly wanted to cry in your store, and it is the first time I ever had such bad shopping experience in my WHOLE LIFE TIME.

Later on, I walked around your store BAREFOOTED and looked around for shoes fitting my size and my outfit.

I’m very disappointed with the horrendous customer service received, on top of the shoe being broken within 3 hours of wearing.

After 5mins of choosing, I finally bought a pair of low wedges, and the aunty didn’t give me any 15% discount as promised. On the receipt, it indicated that I was served by Irene Loh.

I’m horrified by this shopping experience, I felt insulted and humiliated, therefore decided to write this complain letter. I hope the management will do something about this kind of lousy working attitude.

Lastly, I hope to receive a respond from the management within 3 working days and compensate me for this horrible experience.

Thank you for your time to read this mail.

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