Mister & Miss Campus Malaysia 2011

31 Aug

Had never covered such a grand event before, I went all the way to KL to cover this largest campus pageant in Malaysia..

Never did I knew the large amount of photos taken at the fantastic event,needed such editing skills.

Now I know, its really tough to be a blogger eh ? LOL

Anyway, I’m gonna start with the event 🙂

I went with Mabel to the event, at KL Live @ Jalan Sultan Ismail to meetup with William, our Mister Malaysia 2010.

William & Me at the venue, I guess its the last time I saw him, till he come

back from UK :~ Mabel & Me, if you think we both look alike for some unknown reason, is because, I did her makeup, and “forced’ her to use 2cm lashes 🙂

                           Me Camwhoring while I was waiting 🙂

The Venue, KL Live, a vibrant place with lotsa anticipation from me 🙂

                            Crowds are already waiting outside the place

All the tickets were sold out, but Adrian was very nice to save a seat for me

                                  AND…. It is a VIP seat 😀

The opening started with everyone standing up to sing Negaraku,which is the National Anthem of Malaysia

Follow by a speech by Adrian Winson, director of Adelicious Entertainment

                                          An overview of the stage

                     Next, we have lion dance to warm up the event

For a start, is the fashion show by the contestants

                One of the best female contestants for the fashion show

I guess this guy is a model, coz he really have the built and style 🙂

The next is the swimwear section :

She caught my attention with her unique swimwear , what do you think?

While he again caught my attention with his super abs and confidence 😀

Next, is the formal wear section by the gorgeous contestants


They caught my eyes with their charm 😛

If you think the show is fantastic with these charming ladies & gentlemen, LOOK DOWN FOR MORE 😀

TADAH! Talent show by the contestants!

If you think, singing and dancing are very common form of talent…

Look down for more!!

Fantastic show! The audiences were wowed by the performances!

BUT… This is not just a performance place, its TIME FOR….


A happy man walking away with hamper 😀

Not forgetting performance by Chris Ley & Kopi from Star Entertainment Sdn Bhd!

Another one… !

Model & Singer from France!~~~ Featuring Christel!

Super talented! She can sing in Spanish, French, Malay, English & Mandarin!! OMG!!!~~~~~

OH, almost forgot, how can a good show be without good food?

We had 7 course meal during the pageant 🙂

Now, introducing the VIPs / Guest of Honour for the event:

Camilia -Mrs Malaysia 2010 Winner

Wilson Tan- Malaysia’s Top Model

Kee Hua Chee- Famous Journalist in Malaysia

Chris Ley-Malaysia Singer

Vicky Tay- Director of Star Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Next up, we have Jacqueline, 2nd runner up for Mrs Malaysia 2010

Jenny-Mrs Malaysia 1st runner up 2010

What a small world, met them again, I really have to say, they’re still as beautiful, if not, even more glowing now 😀

Indeed, a small world, just when I was enjoying the show, someone called out to me!

AND YES! Its Jeffrey from Jeffrey Chung Models & Peter Tan from Music Clinic!

Can’t believe it, we are so near, and so fated, to meet even in Malaysia, all the way from Singapore!! OMG!! 😛

After all the surprises, we are now ready to end the event with…

A picture of all the winners!! ~

The official video is at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150802474710512

For more info on the event, visit : http://keehuachee.blogspot.com/2011/07/miss-and-mr-malaysia-campus-finals-on-7.html








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