Going 21

4 Sep

Well, as from the title, I’m gonna turn 21 tomorrow..

To most of my friends, 21st birthday is very important, but for me, it doesn’t really mean anything, coz I always had the freedom all I want.

Had too much things to blog about, but no time to do so..


Here’s a recap of my life from my teenage years all the way to 21 πŸ™‚

I started out, at 11? Looking like this! Can you see my eyes? LOLOL!

Into my 12 years old life, I look like this, at that point of time, I was facing discrimination from the people in my life, be it classmates, school mates, teachers, even principal. My Principal, Ms Pang Ong Choo, asked me, why am I so fat? LOLOL! Honestly, at the point of time, I was an “Angry Kid”, no wonder I like angry bird so much πŸ˜›

Wahaha! Can you spot me ?At the age of 13, I’m still unhappy, often, I’m the joke of many people, the butt of the joke? Because of my size… Then, I decided, I was in agony, and had to do something it… This is when… I made a life changing decision…

I felt that, my agony was from the fact that I was fat, so I decided to lose weight.. Within one month, I lost about 20+kg. I lost 23 inches from my “waist” and I had a waist!!!! πŸ™‚

From a 50″ to a 27″ waist! I was so Happy!!! So proud of myself… LOL

And I thought my agony was over… I wore the least cloth clothes to go out as much as possible. Short tube n Mini skirt, exposing my “proud waist”!

How stupid I was ?

Later on, news of me “rapidly” losing weight spread around and I got invitations to go on TV / Newspapers for interview etc.

I had instant fame shortly due to my Guai Lan pattern… But the fame came with heavy price, my friends shunned me because of my media contacts etc.

My teachers question me this and that..

A guy from the Technical Class, came over and slap me… and Ran away… WTF?

Very soon, I becameΒ obsessed with losing weight and started to swim 50 Laps per day, I found myself to be “soggy”, everyday soak in water, I am greedy and wanted to lose more and more weight, without realising that it take time to lose weight…

I wasn’t happy, so… I decided to stop… Being a typical M size gal at the point of time, I felt that clothes don’t fit me, they don’t look nice on my, slim clothes can fit my waistline, but not my bust line, often I had to wear bigger clothes just because of my bust… T_T

After my change… I was happier πŸ™‚

Elroy and me in school, that’s my 5th & last secondary school… Yes.. I’ve 5 secondary schools, I know its crazy.. but Yes! Wahahaha !

Me & Min Min, I became fatter, but I was happier, I accepted myself and had more confidence. When I was slim, I didn’t have the confidence to go out alone, often, I would hide one corner and didn’t want to talk to people. I always thought being slimmer would end my agony… I was wrong LOL

I decided to take up beauty course at the age of 18, and I was inspired by a gal, name Ann, in this Sisley counter in Centerpoint. She saved me while I was working in La Prairie, at that point of time, I wanted to be like her, pretty and smart πŸ™‚

My life changed after taking up the 1 yr course, I became a beauty freak πŸ˜›

Ah Yu, life changing friend of mine, she changed my life.. when..

SHE DREW this Cartoon version of me!! ~~~ The official launch of Kayashino Zanz with the Kaya Toast Adventure πŸ˜›

During my days with ITE College East, I went into Student’s council, never had I dreamt that I’ll be a student councilor, wahahahaha! And I got to know friends from HK:)

I got into RP again.. FUCK RP, that’s what I used to say.. Classmates from my 1st yr 1st sem class, they’re damn awesome!

Finally got a chance to go to HK to vist my HK friends!! ~~

Honestly, I was really touched TTM when I saw all of them attending the gathering πŸ˜€

They brought me around HK within a few hours! OMG! It was crazy fun, trying to avoid the teachers and yet have fun!

They brought me to take the MTR while rushing back to hotel πŸ˜›

Didn’t dream that I would even step into China one day, it was just too far for me.. But it happened πŸ™‚

Later on, I took part in Singapore’s 1st plus size pageant at the age of 19 ~

Friends came to support me, life was changing lots for the better πŸ™‚

Went on TV/Newspapers etc. Media appearance due to pageant πŸ™‚

Went to Batam to attend international pageant at the age of 20.

I first met William on my 20th birthday πŸ˜›

Later on, even got a chance to go for a calendar shoot ~

I moved to a condo, and even organized a gathering in the condo ~

There’s a bowling alley underground for us to play~

Went to KL often and got to know my awesome Shino Gang ! πŸ˜›

Throughout the years, my favourite facial expression became this, also known as toast face ~

I know nothing about Indonesia, don’t know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia, but… Bravely… I went to Medan to attend her wedding.. Alone~

I was quite scared… a Β foreign environment.. But it was worth it, the feeling of seeing your good friend getting married… Beats everything !

From 20 onwards, it was good luck for me. Had a chance to do a bridal runway show πŸ˜€

Better still, I fulfilled my dream to be a DJ/Radio Presenter…

Although as an Intern, I was the program producer for my program as well πŸ™‚

Xie Xie Toshi, for all the inspirations, guidance and encouragement~

Seen lots of scenes on dramas about HangZhou! Finally I went there! And didn’t wear my coat under 10 Degrees? LOL

Long heard of Zhe Jiang University and finally set foot there ^_^

Set foot in Shanghai!!! Me & the tour guide, Eddy ge ge πŸ˜›

Constant performances thanks to Sharmilah~

Joined poppers and did lotsa crazy things! ~

My Hubby (Adam) from 1st yr 1st semester! Till my 3rd year, still same, my HUBBY!!

Attended MMC event.. A very grand event!

Thanks to…

Adrian Winson from ADelicious Entertainment!! ~~

To end off… With a Picture, makeup I learnt from Sense&Style Beauty Academy!

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