Olette Lingerie

7 Sep


Olette Lingerie is a local company set up with the aim of selling “Beautiful Lingerie at a fraction of high street price”.

Olette Lingerie was set up to help address a lady’s fundamental desire to dress well and comfortably while lounging at home.

I was overjoyed when I managed to find stylish lingerie for myself at a fraction of high street price!

Here are the photos I took at my friend’s house, seriously I feel that the lingerie really helps in lifting a person’s mood.

If you’ve missed my previous post about Olette Lingerie, you can read it at : [Here]

So now, Olette Lingerie is working with me, to spread the word across to readers of my blog who are looking for stylish & comfy lingerie at an affordable price! 

Readers get 20% discount for plus sized lingerie!!!

Yes.  it was only open to plus size lingerie, but then, we decided that good things are meant to be shared.

SO NOW, Everyone can enjoy 20% discount just by quoting “KAYA” at the end of checkout, applies to all lingerie sizes!

What are you waiting for ?

Visit Olette Lingerie NOW! 

Promotion ends on 22nd Sept 2011!

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