11 Sep

While I was on my way to Malacca, it was raining… The feeling was sad, to me, Malacca is a sunny place with all the heritage thingy… And I love it…

I wasn’t feeling happy when I reached Malacca.

Got a taxi..went to my hostel, do my makeup.

After makeup, went to get Baba Laksa… Its just damn awesome…

It was a strange feeling… the moment I step onto the streets of Malacca, I became cheerful again.. I was lifting up my arms and embracing the wind/ sun / UV rays … for ppl who know me, the sun is a NONO for me..

But no worries, I applied sunblock before I step out of my hostel.. SPF 130 PA +++


I was genuinely happy, I realised I love my life… The way it is … me, myself & i..

Took photos, walked around, appreciate my surroundings..

Somehow, I thought of them, K, Bitch, Qiu, Ber, anehlaobu…

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