Complicated feeling

13 Sep

This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, but Starbucks was closing… And there’s no wifi at First World Hotel, not even the lobby.. The lobby’s wifi was purely for Malaysian only!

And its a hotel? Tourist come and go, yet you only provide for locals? So tourist don’t need to surf net? WAHAHAHAHA!~

I felt super down ytd. But today, I’m happy again.

During this trip, I felt so “alone”, yet , IM SUPER HAPPY!

Coz, there’s no need to entertain people, no need to accommodate to others, I do what I want.

In the morning, Ah Xian came to fetch me to Melaka Sentral.

But she was late.. so when I got there… I was late by 10 mins, and I’m supposed to find the counter to check in, but I can’t find it, either the sign is very small, or I’m blind… Whatever..

When I finally found the counter, the Auntie was nice enough to call the bus uncle to wait for me.. Literally, she was waiting for me to show up..


Anws, I ate too much things in Malacca, and I had food poisoning..

Supposed to meet Kelly today, but her phone got problem.. so didn’t get to see her..

Went to watch “overheard 2 ” again, with one pig and her mama
Auntie is very nice, today all the food her treat, even movies too.

Till yesterday, my feeling was very complicated, with the company of some people, yet still unhappy. Alone yet very very very HAPPY 😀

Every nite, in Genting, that’s me sitting at Starbucks for coffee +work 😀

I’m so alone, but I’m so happy! 😀

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