I need a place…

20 Sep

OMG! I need a room to stay… was thinking of getting room mate if I wana stay in condo…

At least condo is quieter… Sometimes I cannot tahan the loud radio / auntie  & uncles KP-ing…

The constructions also… it was just super duper noisy.. My current place had construction for close to a month… OMG… I just can’t sleep…

Practically I only sleep like 2-4 hours daily… Am I gonna die soon ?

Today Deanna asked me about my blog and constant posts..

Well, blog is a commitment, and I wana commit.. Though my English sucks, my grammar sucks too..

But I just think I should get into writing… After all, I’m a journalism student… but yes.. I think I prefer broadcast.. LOL

OK, after all these, who has a place to offer me in a condo ? Town area pls?

The best thing to do when you’re stress 😀

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