22 Sep

Recently performed at a restaurant in Clarke Quay / Boat Quay.

Don’t quite remember already. But I had something special.

Had some Green Beer! Its really nice!

While I was on the way there, self shot šŸ™‚

Sharmilah was talking about her work in Big is Gorgeous šŸ™‚

Its actually very encouraging to see the stats going up for my blog, sorry readers, I know I haven’t been updating.. But I will try to update almost daily if possible. I even update my blog while overseas

As always, time is not enough.. I still haven’t find a place to stay… And was still thinking of what to do 1st…

My room is in a big fat mess. šŸ˜¦

No time for packing, no time to sleep, no time to do work..

Work’s quite intensive for me, had to do articles for SPH, having at least 2-3x skincare classes per week.

Not forgetting my vocal lesson that I’m supposed to resume. My makeup classes for me to upgrade myself…

Unit meetings… My friend’s wedding to attend.

Seriously is an OMG thingy…

jiayou toast!

This is meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Last thing.. Stupid William’s UK phone can’t get through…. sucks man.. I called few times and texted him twice, didn’t received T_T


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