So you think …Being a Make-up artist…

4 Oct

is glamorous ?

Being a Makeup artist is only about fun ?

Is only about passion?

Is only about good money /easy source of income?


Let me tell u …its all bullshit!

I’m only in this line for 3 years, although I can’t say I’ve seen all the craps and bullshit, but lets be fair, I’ve been through quite some events and others.

No forgetting sometimes I do part-time performing etc. I’ve seen how Make-up Artist was being treated like crap and so on..

Let me count all the bad things that happened to people in our line..

1. Clients requesting for a flawless smooth skin/ complexion when they come to us with faces filled with acne, bumps and lumps, even the road is better!(Hello?! I’m a make-up artist, not a plastic surgeon)


2. When you only have 2 mins to draw the whole face, client request you to draw 3D makeup, and only paying $100 for about 30-50 faces in total to be drawn ? ( Come on, if you wana good makeup, super fast quality, pay more lah? then can hire more people, have more time to do on one face rite? Somemore have the cheek to ask “eh! you can do 3D make up for Dinorella or not? WTF is Dinorella? )

3. Some times when you do make up for certain artistes, they thought they’re so famous, that they can anyhow throw temper at the MUA? Come on lah, if you really know how to do the exact look? Then why bother to queue up for the MUA ?

4. Payment always delay!~ (This one really FML!) Recently I got 4 person to be MUA for one whole freaking day…

I got my friends to come together with me to work… Initially before working , the agreement was to pay straight cash instantly after work.

But after work, the boss of mine, who is also my friend, said there’s no payment today due to her partner paying the $ for the costumes, there’s not enough…

Ok fine, because next week I still have assignment with her, so I took her word for it when she said she’s gonna pay me next week.

Initially, I took up the assignment with her because firstly, she’s my boss/ friend. She has been very nice to me and I think I should do the same too..

But… next week… she told me , she’ll settle with me in another week, when I meet her… and so.. I believed her again..

Time flies .. and its 2months gone!  The payment was not ready… I keep chasing my boss, until she gave me the number of the person in charge and she talked to me… She arranged for weekend to meet me up, on the Friday, to be exact. I was told to text her after I woke up to arrange a timing and location to collect.

On that day… SHe went MIA! Called and text her numerous times, just didn’t get back… I went to turn to my boss… OH MY!!!! Not even reply my text although it’s urgent…. WTF ?

So.. These texts and calls continued for two weeks, until I can’t wait already.. I talked to my friend, and that’s when she told me, there’s other make up artists who can’t get their payment as well, they went over to the CHEE BYE MOTHER FUCKER’S place at BUKIT PANJANG! Seriously it’s an FML place, I die also won’t stay there… Those people who went.. they got their money…

I went as well, and THE MOTHER FUCKER WASN’T IN… So I told the maid I wana wait outside, the maid and her Mom invited me in to wait… And that’s when… the CHEEBYE MOTHER FUCKER called back…


Anyway, the mother fucker forced me to PAO TOH the person who told me her address, otherwise she’s not gg pay me! 


Serve you right for your hubby having an affair outside! You must have some cheebye pattern and that’s why he does that to you? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Anyways, I’m not such a chee bye kia to pao toh people hor? My boss came and told me I won’t get my money today, even though this chee bye kia stay in super landed property, bird don’t lay egg place, and she’s mother fucking rich, but she don’t have a few hundreds with her!!@#!@!@!$%&^*()_

Then the two of my talk cock to me, say must understand this and that, must be emotional, must understand her thoughts etc. Must know that my boss is facing so much trouble etc.

Eh ? Who’s gonna understand me ? You are my boss, and you should pay me for my work, not threaten me NAH ZBEH!

Ok.. finally, my boss told me,  the MOTHER FUCKER IS GONNNA PAY ME TMR when I go down to her office and submit my IC photocopy! The full payment!

So yes, the next day, I went to office to collect payment, and the mother fucker say she’s only paying me 1/4 because my 3 friends have to come to collect on their own… Just happened my another friend is with me, and I managed to call the other two to come down… and even when the 3 of them come down, the MOTHER FUCKER don’t wana pay them… She purposely make them come down double trip for a small amount of money.. and make them wait for 7 days + 2 months!


I’m so angry with this kinda fuckers! And she even called to harass my friends a few times…

Ok, having said all these, all aspiring make up artists, please understand you need to work in fucked up environment unless you’re really lucky… which is .. most likely, you won’t, otherwise, you’ll strike a lottery already!

Of course, there are others and lots of horror stories about being a makeup artist…

But I shall keep it until next time… until I move house again.. maybe within this month 🙂

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