A New Life Gone Wrong T_T

6 Oct

In case you’re wondering why I woke up so early at 7am, I can tell you why.

I’ve not slept due to the crazy bitch in my room! 

Seriously, I think she got mental problem…

Oh ya.. By the way, her name is Rachel.A, some Pinoy working in far east organization. 

1st night:

This bitch came home at 12am, I was napping , and she just happily on the lights without sparing a thought for me!

Later I woke up and left home for awhile, so when I came back, I went to my room and in my freaking small corner, I watched videos, with ear piece of course!

Awhile later, she starting flapping vigorously on her bed! YE S! Just like a duck, coz she can’t fly! WTF?

If that’s not bad enough…

She started slamming the bed with her fist, and if you’re wondering how could I see when its so dark in the room, my laptop was on!

Follow by…

Her screaming at me, to ask me go to the living room!

WTF? U mother fucker cheebye! I paid for my fucking rental ok ? 

The next thing she did ?

She gave out this dog barking sound and ran to the toilet, slamming the door on the way at about 3-4am ? When there’s other housemates sleeping!

Feeling that she’s mentally unsound, I decided to faster go sleep to see if I can avoid the problem with her!

I just felt that she would rush into the kitchen, take a knife and stab me… FML 

In the morning…

She started tearing down the whole house! 

Repeatedly slamming the doors of the wardrobe +room+toilet! FMLWTFCCBKNNFML! 

For half an hour! WTF ? So I was tortured for half hour and even after sleeping till the afternoon, I was so shocked by her, I forgot my wallet, which, inside has my access card to my freaking condo and my blk.. FML!

It was only after I left the condo then I realised… So I had to walk back, tell the guard I forgot my wallet and blah blah blah.

When I told him I forgot my wallet and my access card is inside, he said ” what wallet? My wallet?” and then proceeds to wana take out his wallet! WTF?

Then again, I explained about my problem, and he repeatedly asked me , ” Then what you bring out? ” !!!

CHEEBYE! Don’t let me see you outside? Arhbo Lim Peh scold u gao gao ! KNN!

Mother fucker bastard! I already say, I nv bring my fucking wallet out! Can’t you understand ? I brought everything, including my makeup, my loose powder, my shades , makeup brush, my phone and wadsoever! But I DON’T HAVE MY WALLET LAH!!! NBCBKNNB!

Anyways.. the first night was horrible. I don’t wana quarrel with her, so I decided to text her, telling her that if her frustrations was due to me, I would try my best to minimize my noise level, to the best of my ability and hope she would do so too… She replied OK..

2nd Night:

I saw her downstairs, at my block. I decided to..


So I quickly escaped into my room and pulled up my blankets and slept.. I tried so hard to sleep and badly wanted “Someone” to bring me away…

When she came back, she minimized her noise, and never on the lights, then she quietly change her clothes…

I knew what was happening but I just act that I was still sleeping…

In the morning, she minimized her noise level too… So I thought…Maybe she was not used to me only ?

I decided to watch videos again that night. And had brought my laptop out to the living room. I watched till 6am + and crawl back to sleep.

And I swear! I made the least noise ever possible, using only my handphone to shine the light to look for my blanket.

I thought I could have a peaceful night…


How naive was I ?

This mother fucker cheapskate bitch started house tearing again! FML !

This time for 1.5 hours non stop action! WOW ?

I’ve enough of her! I was determined to move  out! And so, I texted the agentj immediately and went to his office later on to settle.


I’m moving house this Saturday!!!! YEAH!!!! 

Goodbye BITCH!!! 😀

One Response to “A New Life Gone Wrong T_T”

  1. Carin Chua October 8, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Lol. Scary looney. She should be staying in asylum instead

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