Happy 26th Birthday CoEn :P

9 Oct

Sorry peeps! Not updating due to house moving issues , finally say bye to the bitch πŸ˜€

As above, its CoEn’s 26th Birthday!~

I’ve known CoEn when he was 19, hehehehehe! And I’m only 14 then, LOL

How time flies?

Now he’s 26, I’m 21 already~

From the trainee hairstylist, to junior hairstylist, to now, a formal hairstylist.

Last time, I remembered, I used to be his hair model, and let him cut for 4 hours, until neck break.. LOL

Anyway, the past was fun and memorable πŸ™‚

On his birthday, I wished him and didn’t thought much.

So after awhile, I left home and went out, I didn’t visit him because I didn’t wanted to be a light bulb~ He would wana go dating eh ?

Who know ?

About 8pm, I came back, tired, need to study for exams, I saw him on fb, and I asked if he’s going out dating…

He replied he can’t go any where, cause he worked till 10pm..

With that in mind.. I decided to surprise him at his shop πŸ™‚

I went to decorate a cake for him, wanting to surprise him with that… So… this is the cake from the icing room πŸ™‚

But then hor… Who knows? CoEn close shop early and went Xin Wang to meet his friends…

So , I decided to go Xin Wang at Cathy Cine to pass him the cake, together with NatashinoΒ 

At the cafe itself..

I saw..

These three peeps, other than CoEn πŸ˜€

The guy wearing white cap.. When I first saw him, my response was ” EH! COEN!! HE LOOKS LIKE BRANDON LEH!!!~”

CoEn gave me a lame look… “He’s Brandon leh! Original de” … LOLOL

So yeah, that’s Brandon, know him long ago, but couldn’t recognize him after not seeing him for ages -_-”

The guy in the middle, give that Dao Kia look guy… Stare with that stupid face de, is…. JIMMY!!Β 

The pretty lady beside Jimmy is Jingyi, a makeup student at Cosmoprof πŸ™‚

Actually, when I first saw Jimmy, I felt so paiseh, got one not bad looking guy there, some more, I don’t know him, a stranger, and I was talking non-stop to CoEn, so paiseh lah!~!

Any way, I started asking Jimmy where he was from and whether he is gay etc. Coz most good looking guys are gays, I’ve nothing against gays though, I’m just curious. And Jimmy really gave me that gay vibe πŸ™‚

So when I asked about his nationality etc. Getting curious and beginning to interview him…

Then Jimmy Bitch, told me, he SAW me before, he knew me long ago….

At that instance, I’m like…My feeling is like… “WHERE GOT ? WHY GOT HANDSOME GUY I DON’T KNOW ? ”

Then I kept asking him, where, when, how ?

Just as I was puzzled, CoEn showed me the “last time oldies photo” of their “cat look”. Just translate to mandarin, you will get what I meant πŸ˜›


Found this online, but not as real as the Jimmy back then..

Try this :
Maybe you add these two photos up, you’ll somehow get the Jimmy backΒ then πŸ˜›


Time is a miracle, a magical potion!Β 

At that instance, when I saw their photo, I recognise Jimmy STRAIGHT AWAY!

He was that Monkey guy, the guy who look like some 70s era’s AH BENG!

With that golden hair, lion king style, white tee shirt, messy hair, who knows he’s a hairstylist ? With that bell bottom jeans, that … OMGWTFBBQ look…

Yeah! Time helps, everybody too… Not only I became better, everyone too.. Including Jimmy… I chop my head also never thought this handsome guy is the lion king song kia ah beng…

OK jokes aside. He’s handsome now lah ! πŸ˜€

So now, finally, CoEn came out!!

Birthday boy is in the middle, with Brandon + Jimmy beside:)

Next up!~

The full picture of everyone involved πŸ™‚

On the left, Brandon, Jimmy , Jingyi .

On the right, CoEn, lao niang a.k.a. Kayashino Β and Natashino πŸ˜€

Actually, I can’t stay there de, cause I need to study + do homework, got deadline de !

So, before I left..

CoEn said my arms are too short, so he took the photo instead πŸ™‚

But I prefer my angle.. cuter πŸ˜›

Readers, what do you think ? Which angle is better ? Comment and tell me !~

Last but not least… the final outlook of the cake~ I know its not up to standard, but its my “Xin Yi” ok ? :X

OMG! Later need wake up at 6+, now only left about 4 hours to sleep, got class tmr! NITES!! πŸ˜›Β 

One Response to “Happy 26th Birthday CoEn :P”

  1. Carin Chua October 10, 2011 at 3:49 am #

    You look cuter in your preferred angle hahaha
    But your friend look better in his preferred angle πŸ˜›

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