Jayy & Davina

14 Oct

I attended Jayy & Davina’s wedding!

While I was walking to the venue @ Pan Pacific Hotel..

I took a photo of myself… and saw the horrible eyebags from the lack of sleep and low pillow that caused water retention =.=”

The photos of the couple 🙂
It seemed that every guy look like a Sor Hai (silly guy) when he is with the woman he love 😀

Looking at the photos gave me this blissful feeling, but at the same time my heart is filled with envy~

It is sometimes apparent to me that I won’t have a boyfriend, for whatever reasons 😛

Their wedding was one of the most creative one I ever seen so far. (Maybe I sua gu lah, haven’t been to alot wedding leh)

Maybe I should talk about how I get to know Jayy and Davina, then I carry on with their wedding details.

Jayy is working in Prudential.

One day, while he was doing a road show in Toa Payoh, me & Pig head ah yu bump into him. He was just a random guy, who wanted to sell me policy. So just like a typical agent, he will take down your number and try to call you to fix an appointment to sit down and listen to him chant 😛

Anyway, he didn’t called us for awhile, meanwhile, he still has his road show in Toa Payoh, and I always bump into him there as I’m a Mos Burger regular customer and everyday I will have my dinner with Ah Yu in TPY central 🙂

The funny thing was, every time I saw him in HDB hub, I will keep asking him to do something to his skin etc. Then I will keep “suan-ing” him ( criticize) , for all the bad skin, dehydrated etc.

Eventually, we are more familiar with each other and when he finally called, I agreed to the appointment and went there. I thought I will listen to chanting just like any other LOL agent who just wanted to sell me policy, but I was wrong.

What he did was, to simply present me the facts and did an analysis for me, and……

I AGREED! I bought a policy from him.

As times passed, we will meet out for lunch, lim kopi or talk rubbish.. so eventually, we became friends 😀

What about Davina?

One fine day, I was with Carmen, waiting for bus 238, it was a long fat queue.

A little in front of my queue was this pretty and cute lady. She has this pair of big big round round barbie doll like eyes , the face is flawless, complexion passed 🙂

Good figure, sweet smile, everything adds together to be pretty, chio and wadeva nice words. If this photo is very pretty, let me tell you, she looks even prettier real life :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

So I was telling Carmen, “Eh Xiao Ka! That girl very cute leh! very chio sia! OMG!”

Just after I exclaimed, I turned my head…. about 5 degrees and I saw Jayy!


It just happened that this very cute lady is Jayy’s Girlfriend!~

How nice is heaven to me? That’s how I know her from there lor~

Finally, Jayy told me he’s getting married! I was really happy for him:)

It was like, inside me, to feel real happy whenever I attend someone’s wedding 😀

This photo is so cute! I like it , how Jayy look like Ti Ko Pek and posing with pretty Davina~

At the cocktail reception area

Actually there’s a story behind the little people at the reception.
I thought I was late, I thought the cocktail was at 6pm, I was rushing like mad dog… In the end, its at 6.30pm… I was early… so…

So I took a photo while I was waiting and the bride and groom were busy~

Relatives came to give their blessings 🙂

But I think its a pity if I don’t go and take photos with them:)
Can you see that there’s a weird guy laughing behind? SO qi guai rite?

Now the weird guy do weird things with Toastie O_O

Tasteful decorations at the venue

Wedding mug, it was so sweet of them 🙂

I can truly feel their presence of love from this~

I seem to had saw this auntie somewhere? In Toa Payoh?
Jay was telling us the food is nice, both me & auntie asked him in union, “Really mah?” LOL, so typical Singaporeans of us 😛

Some shots I took from the video~ They’re so creative! Later I shall explain why ~

The groom getting ready~

The pledge before the sisters let him in

The brothers and Jayy had to do Korean girl band’s dances~

The groom gets to kiss the bride

But…. Its not the end yet!~

Its the beginning of new story~
The couple were relaxing in a park, when suddenly, they were approached by a bunch of hooligans, then they started “running in slow motions”

Their wedding really pattern zuay zuay, so many pattern lah! But its so cool!

Then the start of their wedding ..

Turns out the “Hooligan head” is Davina’s dad 😛

Its more like a lively party rather than just plain wedding 🙂

Lights out! Food served!!~ 😀


Orangey Shark’s fins

Honey Duck or something ? Really nice!

I thought this was prawn crackers, but turned out to be flower petals.. Oh well… What a glutton I am?

Cod fish

Herbal Prawns

Spinach + mushroom+ abalone in oyster sauce

Lotus rice

The course ends with a dessert:

Yam Paste 😀

This Ah Boy was a newbie, he was trembling while serving, but nevertheless, thanks for the service 🙂

Meanwhile waiting for the Ah boy to serve, I took photos of.. MYSELF!

As the wedding comes to an end, the bride and groom came to every table to yum seng with them 😀

It is no wonder Davina marry Jayy:

So sweet of him to hold the dress for her ~

The event ended and I left… to…

My accommodation for that night.

I shall end my post with photos of meeeee :

Wish them a blissful marriage:D

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