Tim’s 30th~

17 Oct

Was with Lukas today..

Me: Lukas, what’s your blog?

Lukas: 109..

Me:….. ur online blog… not Blk..

Haiz.. Our Singlish really jialat until…

OK, as per title, its about Tim Simp~

Was in KL the other day, and just happened it was Tim’s Birthday!~ OMG!

I think I’ve never wrote on blog about how I know Tim πŸ˜›

I was in KL for Mrs Malaysia 2011, being a VIP from Singapore to be in that event…

Tim was one of the title holders together with William.

William was the one who introduced himself to me & Jena.
Tim was the one who had this very “dao” look…
At the first glance, I was commenting behind his back.. he got Lan Jiao Bin~

I know I’m so bad~ SO PAISEH LAH~
Then… later on… I soon know William and started chatting with him on FB and that’s how we became friends.

As for Tim, we never chatted on facebook, and until…. abut 3 months later, he happened to be the representative for Malaysia, and I happened to be the representative for Singapore, South East Asia Festival of Friendship 2010..

So I had to fetch him from Batam’s airport… As always, when I saw him, he gave me this...”Lan Jiao Cooling act dao look” , and he was wearing shades so he look like he’s a stuck up person.

The event was 3days 2 nights and within this period, I got to know him better , we went for supper for two nights… By the last day, we’re friends already…

I still remembered what I told him during our first nite of supper.

It was with Gabriel + Eugene+Tim.. I was sitting directly opposite Tim..I was telling him… “I never thought I would’ve ate supper with you, the first time I called you, I even called you a “LAN JIAO BIN”~!


Anyways, so fast, 1 yr passed..

I never planned to go on his birthday, but it just happened that it’s his birthday! And I was only in KL for one day nia….

Initially, I thought I’ll be in KL for two days, so I told Tim, he could meet me in any of these two days…

Few hours later, I texted him, telling him I am only in KL for one day and I die die had to meet him.

So… I didn’t know it was Β his birthday on that day.. until I went Matahari and used the computer there, which I logged on to Facebook and saw that it was his birthday!~

Tim called me and said he’ll be quite late, about 8+pm or so… to come and fetch me in KL, so I said ok, and I waited for him…

I waited and waited… until I fell asleep in Matahari….

And I waited until…. About 1am…HE FINALLY CAME~

Actually I wana pass him birthday present, which I bought for about half month already… The timing was so right!

And then, actually I wana eat Ramly Burger from Subang Jaya SS15, beside Asia Cafe… But then, it was already 1am, no more burger already… T_T

I specially called Haikal + Nabil to ask… And they say don’t have already… SO SAD LAH!~

In Tim’s car, he asked me where do I wana go, and I said anything, I’m a tourist πŸ˜›

He was saying there’s no place to go at such late night…. So I suggested him to go Pavillion… and while driving there… I said later I wana go Asia cafe for food, which is like… Subang.. somewhere.. far….

But anyways, Tim was very nice, he drove me there..

Miracle happened! The burger shop was still opened at about 1.30am, OMG~! I was so HAPPY~

Initially we were near Subang, and I suddenly said I wana eat Dim Sum, and Tim wanted to U-Turn to another place for Dim Sum, then I PESTERED him… Literally PESTERED him to go Subang to see if there’s burger!~
At that time, I knew it was quite impossible, but I still insisted πŸ˜›

I ordered the burger with my lousy pasar spoken Malay… And the lady understood what I was saying…

While waiting for the burger to be “dabao-ed” …

We camwhored ~

Finally… The burgers were ready!~ SUPER HAPPY~

Total I bought about RM60 de burger, for those who knows how much each burger cost, you’ll know how many I bought…. I’m so crazy!~


Tim brought me here to eat Dim Sum~ πŸ˜€

I was wearing those kinda Singaporean dressing, everything show…. Weather hot mah…

Then … while walking towards the stall and seats.. People were starring at me…

Although that day.. After it was his birthday, but actually.. it was me who was doing the ordering…. cause he ate with his friends before meeting me =.=”

But that wasn’t the =.=” thing …

What was the most =.=” thing was………


I was mostly the one eating~!


Tim gave this look -_-

Bo bian, confirmed cannot finish de~ So DABAO lor~

The uncle was so…. -_- when he saw how I was ordering… I was like… I want…. this one, that one, that one, this one …. all the way one line sweep across to order~

Awhile later… Tim went toilet~
SO while waiting..

I took his Prada wallet to camwhore abit

Because he was telling me, he now had to find something to put under his wallet before he put his wallet on table…. LOL

After we left the place, but just before we were leaving, we saw two gals who wore super hot shorts… and saw their buttcheek hanging out of their shorts… the whole kopitiam was starring at them… LOL

Lucky… I didn’t do that πŸ˜›

While we were on his car, and he was sending me back~

He got me a belated birthday gift ~!

I’m so happy, xie xie ni ~!

This was the gift I got for him~

Secret, cannot tell you what I got for him πŸ˜›

Although I may be the youngest friend Tim had..

Thank you for all the wonderful memories:D

I believe your charm will increase as you aged πŸ˜›


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