My Transition day in KL

18 Oct


As per my title, I’m gonna talk about my transition day from KL to Klang..

Normally I’ll drop by Klang whenever possible, to visit my Shino Gang 🙂
When I visit KL, there’s no reasons, its just going home, sometimes I felt like as though I’m Malaysian, I felt the Malaysian vibe in me-_-”

My day started after I left Matahari..
I took a cab to ….

The cab driver dropped me outside as he’ve to fetch kids from primary and he’s already late…so..nvm lah,I walked in myself, to Subang Jaya SS15, which is Asia Cafe.. To meet Haikal

I’ve only visited at night, and I couldn’t recognise the place when it was during the day… It just looked so different =_=”

Lucky Haikal drove, and I’m thankful he drove from gym to specially meet me 🙂

Haikal drove me to his house to pick Nabil and his maid~
Louishino went MIA, he told me he was busy~

Their maid need to buy veggies, so we went to the “market”…
I was expecting something like a typical Singapore’s wet market kinda..And I saw this… Well -_-” I’m just sua gu~

Miracle~ I understood when his maid said she need to buy veg in Malay..Stupid Nabil taught me “Babi=hello!” LOL

I was really shocked when I saw the guy “killing” the fish on the spot~ He just slammed the fish onto the chopboard, and he proceed to “chop” the head off~

SORRY HAIKAL~ I was screaming when I saw that T_T

At first Louishino was supposed to fetch me to Klang from Subang~ In the end, he kept me waiting and waiting, and when Haikal suggested to go Subvmit, Louishino asked me to ask Haikal to fetch me go Klang~

I thought he was real busy…~

In the end, when Nabil talked to him…. NABEH~
He was DOTA-ing~~!!%^!&*()_$!^$()_


Nabil said it was a sacred thing for guys to be DOTA-ing… so don’t disturb him… FML

Then we decided to turn back to Asia Cafe to yum cha~
Louishino was nowhere to be seen… He’s still in the damn cyber cafe !%#&^(*)_!$&*()_!


Finally after awhile…

We were sitting down to yum cha~ Haikal + Louishino

Nabil + Louishino~

I ordered the super JUMBO milktea ~As usual~
And camwhored~ While Nabil gave me that weird look~ WAHAHAHAHAHA~
Then I realised, the guy behind also gave that weird look 😛

Haikal said my Digi Cam was the most abused cam he ever saw~ I kept taking pictures 😛

Everywhere in Subang just simply reminds me of Willie BITCH~

TOO BAD he’s in UK T_T

Without Willie Bitch, I won’t know these two handsome guys 😛

But I’m so glad we still meet up often with Nabil+Haikal ~

PS: Peeps who were with toastie will tend to do that pose 😛

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