2 Nov


Finally have wifi~ After like 5 days~

OMG~ I thought  I was dying, by sleeping at 10pm ~ Makes me feel like I’m still in my Primary school days~

Anyways, two days ago, I was at TPY interchange, I was on this bus, with a blind man, or visually handicapped guy.. Ok, I don’t know how to describe.

So this guy, he had difficulty getting down the bus when it reached interchange, but I don’t dare to approach him, so I just see how he struggled to get down.

Finally after he got down, he don’t know the way to get out, there’s a couple in front of me, but nobody helped him.

Finally I mustered courage to ask him if he needs help, and I brought him to the rest room as requested.

I was late for my appt, but I really felt very happy.

Everytime I saw a blind person who needs help, I don’t dare to approach, I just silently hope, HOPE~ someone will help him/ her.

But from that day onwards, I think, it isn’t that hard to approach them to help,GO TOASTIE :DDDDDDDDDD


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