2 Nov

Today was quite an “eventful” day…

Initially wanted to go for classes at S&S, wanted to arrive in the afternoon, but in the end, rained heavily.

So I decided to go for the nite class.

Met Donald for Brunch.

Macs @ TJ Pagar~

Later on, had to double check with office for room booking, realised I wasn’t given any slots for the whole month… OMG T_T

Later on, took forever to negotiate with the office people. Did some work stuffs.

Today was a bad day, but overall not bad… haiz..

Ber & Peinah, were supposed to collect my work $ from some bitch, named Cecilia~ The boss is Joanne.

So yes, this Joa**e owe me the pay for like 3 months? And she guai lan-ed me. Threatening not to pay me if I don’t “Pao-toh-ed” the person who gave me her address.

Initially, it was “one of my bosses” who asked me to work, and she said it was straight cash on that day.

In the end, gave me some lame excuses of paying for costumes and no$ to pay now.

My ” one of the bosses” said she will settle with me “next week”, as I’ve another job with her “next week”.

In the end, next week also delay my payment. RUBBISH.

The previous post on MUA is dedicated to “These people who don’t pay makeup artist” and purposely make life difficult for them to collect payment.

So yeah.

The mother dog, Joa**e, said she’s gonna pay me, after I paid a visit to her hse. I didn’t go there to create a din, but rather, it was her maid and her mother who “invited” me in , to sit down and wait for the dog to come back.

I heard other makeup artists also did the same to get their salary. FML lah!

So that freaking idiot J person, threaten to “don’t pay me” and threatened to sue me for creating a din in her hse? Come on lah, I just sat there to wait for her to come back. What can you do ?

If you pay me, or you can be contacted via phone and you don’t MIA on every appointment payment daysssssss ( abt 3x), do you think I’ll go your ulu house?

Your house is so dark, your area is so scary, as though it’s haunted. Hello? I stay in town sia. FML

BUKIT PANJANG some private hse-ing area.

To “my bosses” , don’t open your mouth to promise me if you can’t do it. It is simply very sad to see you “betraying” me and “ignoring” all my sms-es for 2 weeks.

Both Ber & peinah called that C bitch and bomb until she die, and nv pick up, so they gave up to collect for me.

Well, some may ask why they have to collect my salary for me ?

Because majority of the $ supposed to belong to them, but yet, because the bitch delayed a thousand times, so I paid them with my own $, then the $ became mine.

So now, is my problem, not their problem anyways.

I’m not blaming anyone, but just reflecting on my “work values” to have contacts before working. That’s my policy,but I broke it a few times recently.

With some BOTAKS and some other ppls, and it PROVED to be a grave mistake.

What to do ? I asked for it. FML

So later, I dropped by Manpower to see Hui Keng, Lynn, Annie and Peggy. And yes, so HENG! All of them were there at the front desk. Fated to see them lah!

Hui Keng’s Wedding is coming, and I’m so excited lah!

Jason called me today and told me her mum wanted night cream and day cream instead of masks as samplers!~

Aiyoh Jason, that samplers was the last few packets of anti-aging products I had, need to order liaos~ Sorry auntie, is Jason lost the packets, so bo bian, wait awhile bah ~ 😛

Mao Mao made me very very very dulan today.

His identity and job issues, then he still talk so much. As though he can choose like that? I was so pissed off.

When will he ever learn to be practical ? Stop being so emotional and going round the bush?

There’s no time to waste, and yet he is wasting half of his time off. I thought after his army, he would think through and come back for the real hard work. But I wasn’t quite right. He just used his thinking and way of working in Taiwan and not adapting to the Singapore style while doing his stuffs in SG.

I understand the cultural issues, but I guess, had been here for about 4 yrs, should be able to adapt :X

There are 999 out of 1000 times he had to “not listen to instructions” … Its not that he don’t understand, but he just don’t follow. What is wrong with you? You need $, I intro u “jobs”, not ask u steal, why must choose this and that?

Look at how Jimmy worked hard for his $, what about you ?

Stop being unrealistic and wana find a condo room for $850 if you’re not the  sub land lord. Please, people need to “earn some money”. ~

Sometimes I think, if some things you can’t afford, just live without. Not as though you’ll die.

While talking to Mao Mao, I asked him not to hang up the phone, while I conference with Jason, I was afraid Jason couldn’t understand his “english” and wanted to be on the line to help in communication. He said ok, and as soon as I put him on hold and called up Jason, he hung the line. WTF ?

I got so angry, as it was the N times he couldn’t follow simple instructions though he’s not an idiot.


Enough of him.

I went to Kamp*n* Ba**u, to collect the payment. During office hours, and the mother dog wasn’t in office.

The J dog don’t allow ber and peinah to authorize me to collect the $~

So I don’t know if I can get it either.

But anyway, the day was hot, sun was bad, I was sweating like a mother dog, no eyebrows, nothing. FML.

Went there, and in the end, the MOTHER DOG WASN’T in~

Sometimes, I really think what goes around comes around.

I had to went down to Tony’s office to talk to Cindy and Tony. Victor was there too, and he jokingly told me, Tony had implement a new rule, to weigh their tenants before renting the rooms to them.

Just like selling pork. I will  be charged most T_T

So far, out of so many of his tenants, I’m like the fattest? LOL

So the “negotiating” of rental and locations  and my roommate and some other stuffs literally took me about 2 hours.Haiz… Time delayed.

In the end, I couldn’t finish my work on time and I couldn’t go Boonlay to take bus to Bukit Indah.

So I had to cancel my class. I felt so apologetic to Tebby.

Anyways, after that, Webster called.

Donald was joking that Webster de brother is called Lobster ! Diao =,=

So we met Webster. Go town.

Webster said he wear until very shag. Damn cui, Donald wore like a Janitor, I wore a floral dress, but no makeup, so I look like crap. Yeah~

So we three, cui shagged triplets went to town. LOL

Webster said he have a Domo on his bed, I’m like so excited~

There’s this guy called Barry, who kept bullying Donald. STUPID IDIOT, 25 YEARS OLD STILL BRAGGING JUST BECAUSE YOU WORKED IN MAC BEFORE? Come on ? Try me lah~! Only Donald so nice, let you bully. LIM PEH let you know arh ~

Anws, hes just a keyboard warrior~ Joker, useless idiot? Bully someone soft, for wad sia ?

I guess, he’s like my brother. LOW SELF ESTEEM~

We walked in PS, for like the longest time, until my legs FML~

Went to a book shop, where Daniel de friend was there working, I bought organizers and some notebooks.

From this month onwards, I’m gonna record all my expenses, then I can budget my $~

Getting a new organizer means treating myself better despite my busy schedule~

Life has a better start, although it meant I’ve little time to rest, but its real tight and eventful.

Oh ya, must thank Carina for her help in lending me keys, otherwise I can’t open up the office for classes and one of the LOL people who kept mistaken me as “helen” will not let me into my class! FML

Also must apologize to Carina, for the late , super duper late  returning of keys, its not I don’t wana return. But is because  I’m really busy! My phone line was cut off because I don’t have time to go pay bills. But now I know, can use credit card  make payment via phone can le, so easy~! 😀

Today Webster and me had the same opinion on lotsa things~ Finally I found someone of my generation who can think “normally” like me, or maybe,abnormal toast thinking?

We went Xin Wang to sit down and were simply too full, but I still die die ordered their porridge, but it was a liar~

It was supposed to be cantonese porridge, but it came out as teochew style, so sad~

So we chatted for quite some time, after getting Lukas’ gift~ SO SAD, He’s leaving soon ~


But nvm, memories are forever~ Until I forget of course!~

Lucky our chat was funny, otherwise, my otherwise boring porridge would never be interesting :~


That’s it for now~


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