5 Nov

Peeps, today’s blog is no pictures~ Sorry, I’m blogging @4+am liaossss

You know who you are.. I think I think too much liaos, so much for worrying of addictions~ LOLOL

I think I won’t lah, just its real scary/ shocking at the same time to find someone that I can “talk” to ? LOLOL

Maybe I just need abit of time to adjust 🙂

Thursday was a busy day, time flew like rocket. Had lunch with Big Mac +shaker+milo~ Reminds me that today must go redeem the remaining if not void~

Went to S&S at abt 6+, waited for taxi like an hour, from Bukit Indah to Skudai/Sutera Utama initially called for taxi, operator said OTW, then later wait 15 mins then call me say no cab!

I waited for another 30+mins on the roadside then got cab~

Driver drove me to a weird route, I thought he wana sell me, so I texted Tebby my cab number, thinking I might be GG liaos~

Reached at 8pm instead, did some styling,  went home, xie xie Tebby for sending me back, if not I will be kidnapped:X

Slept at 2+am, woke up @5+am to go school. In the end late 2 mins.. Birdie..

Finished class  at 12pm, sore throat guy knows whats Rila, while some other guys said Rila is the Indian guy who sells kachang Puteh~ Impressed by sore throat guy 😛

Was doing my RJ, but was rather hard, realised that, although I love to do “technical” stuffs, but I’m really bad at it.. I can’t do sound recording ~ I can theory it though 😛

These few nites, have been watching “Mei ren xin ji”, finally finished the whole series, 40 episodes, and I know, I always have a  thing for “Hou gong dou zheng” and “xuan yi an”  shows~

LOLOL~! Am  I bian tai? Wahahahaha

Someone told me and made me realised I’ve some “anxiety” problems, although I don’t fully understand the complications, but yet, I think I have it, all the symptoms~ FML

I was too tired, when I lie on the floor in my house, I literally roll and roll. Just like rock and roll~! RAWR~

When I lie on bed, I had “Orgasm” LOLOL~ IM CRAZY

After classes,I went to meet Donald, Mimi de dad long bang us to MRT. On the way, we were talking about faci de clothes, all big big and fat fat, at first I thought he had a big fat butt~ And his armpit sweat until… Can see the whole “shape” on his shirt~ OMGFML

Still remembered, on the 2nd lab lesson, got one chest muscle guy~ SHIOK SIA

Met Donald and went to Cine tgt with Elyna~

After that, I went to watch 2359 with Donald, we had some salad bar thingy, damn awesome, will post pics soon:)

The movie was nice, then I went to CIMB to collect some vouchers, nearby nia, but I searched half hr before I finally found it..

While strolling the streets,I was wearing some floral shorts and some tank top, just like I was sleeping kinda pattern, wear sleepwear or gym attire, wahahahahaha

After CIMB, went to Taka Kino to “look”at books, LOL

Bought some Singlish thing and some French thing, saw Adrian Pang in front of me, and saw quite a few MDC ppl while walking

While searching, I was being approached by two person who look like con man, and they keep asking me to do survey for them, and I was brought to their shop, then they “attempted” to take my weight etc. Ask me give personal info etc. They keep praising me, say my skin chio, I look Taiwanese, LOL, PUI lah~ I think my skin lyk crap that day le

Met Leng Leng after Kino, it really feels good to just read books etc. Initially was to go for some shoot, thats why I wore lap sap clothes, to school, den to town, den to shoot.

NNB, pian lim beh go shake shake, in the end pull my muscles, trigger my old wounds at knees, haiz… KNS

Haiz, I slept at 2+ am, woke up at 5+ den nid to tong whole day sia~ oH YA! Faci de studio behind my hse nia… hehehhehee

While on the car, with Lao Niangsssss and Mimi, and her lao peh, mimi said abt faci wear big fat under wear, then I said, if hang at HDB, like big flag, and “piao ah piao” when wind blow, then if drop down,kena someone’s head, den LOL~

Even mimi de lao peh burst into FAT LAUGHTER!

Sat also busy~ Had skincare class at 2pm, den think I reached at 3 nia, cos wait and jam, jialat sia, my hse loc is good, but traffic KNS LOL

Ended class at 7+ den went office to do something, bought pudding milktea otw, and I got discount.

I ask the “butch” why, and she replied” coz u pretty, I give you discount” .. Wahahahahaha~

Went home wana go see Cindy to pay rent, but they’re out to India.

My roommate Sisi, is not such a bad person; but her personal habit and behaviour is just BTH nia.

Throw watermelon on sofa, eat finish all the food, leave packaging on table, never throw her waste, one person wear 4 pairs house slippers, shout and shout the whole time if you talk to her. Pull your clothes and stop you from going out if she insist you to talk to her, wash 1panty using washing machine, 90mins, go on dryer for 250 mins, SHE SAYS ITS CLEANER~


Did gym today, went on level 10 Elevation. Am gonna do more 🙂


Peeps who know her, don’t throw up 😛

I looked at the mirror and I don’t look human anymore.

Have to meet Maomao later le, and do more work.

Today aunt texted me, ask me don’t go through my mum to communicate, but its not me, just the siao woman do stupid things, and she cannot shoulder the responsibility den she wants to me shoulder for her, just like all the mess she did ever since I was young. OMGWTFBBQ

What goes around comes around 😛


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