Silly Toastie

17 Nov

Oh well, I was so silly…

So silly to try to “ignore” you, so much effort for trying to hide and run away.

So stupid because you knew about it,  I thought you’re still in the dark.


I try to be very cold blooded to lots of things around me, coz in that way, I don’t have to care about anything.

Real nice people are rare.

I just don’t wana “roll” myself into stupid things, thinking nice people are always there. And I don’t want to think that I will always have people who will help me if I need. Because in this world out there, there’s nobody, except yourself.

Always, I will be the one to “help here help there”. Solve this solve that.

The other way round, no way.

Sometimes I just have to understand that whether to help you or not, doesn’t mean your friendship level, but rather, just the choice of that person.

To think I said I will always be there to listen to you if you need 😦


I just realised my foolish act.


I won’t do that anymore ~



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