The earth is round :D

23 Nov

My title is totally crap.. But yes, the earth is round and you’ll never know when you’ll meet someone you’ve met before and get to converse with them 😛

It has been totally true for me~

These few days was chiong-ing my classes in Sense&style. Cool leh!

The teacher specially came down from KL to teach. At first I don’t know she’s the teacher. Cause she look super young 😛

These classes for this week is for bridal accessories, and seriously, I made all these accessories. Photos later when I’m fully done with them 🙂

I never thought I’ll make such complicated accessories out, but true enough, I made them.. Those that you see in shops selling at $39.90 those kinda “elegant” & cheem kind of accessories, I MADE THEM!~

I’m so proud of myself, as I’ve always thought of myself as someone who wouldn’t take the needle and beads to complete something…

I did tried once when I was in KL/ Malacca and Klang… it was a ready made cross stitch, with instructions and guidelines, but eventually, it rotted in my room 😛

Tebby & Xiao J went KL le, actually wanted to celebrate birthday with Xiao J.

Very fast, last time I know xiao J, I was still in yr1 , but now, going end of year 3 already…

Anyways, back to the teacher from KL. I haven’t get to know her name yet:P

At first I thought the teacher was so familiar, but I just couldn’t figure out who she was, and I just had no impression. So I thought it was just another public face.

But then, I was wrong 😛

On Tuesday, I realised, she was the teacher who brought her students to Corus Hotel in KL. It was for the event  Mrs Malaysia 2010, and I was one of the VIPs, her students were doing makeup for us. One of her students was so skilled in her makeup application, although she’s only a student. Which really impressed me, and it got me thinking of “migrating” to KL and take the makeup course from Sense & style. And which I did now!

Thanks to Tebby, if not for him telling me about him teaching in the school, I won’t know that it’s possible for me to take classes without migrating 🙂

It was the KL teacher’s student who inspired me, and now, I saw her again! What a small world ?

Recently, everything has been going thru the phrase of “suddenly true”.

It sounds cheem. But its true.

I was thinking of Chee Wee on Sunday, as I couldn’t remember the name of the 5mm audio jack. Yes, its simple, but I just can’t remember. But I remembered I have to buy the thing before Sound Design class. So I thought of Chee Wee, but I don’t have his contact number. So, I was wishing Chee Wee would suddenly appear.

Later on, while I was buying the chicken chop in City Sq mall, Chee Wee suddenly BUMPED OUT!~ He was practically jumping out, and I got a shock!

He came to buy chicken chop, as his studio is just beside my house. LOLOL!

Next thing, I met this Indian guy who’s quite friendly. We went into the lift together, at my block, I met him there. And he saw me, kept starring at me, then he forgot to press the lift to his level. I had to remind him -_-”

2nd day, I went home quite late, about 12+ am. He was there outside my block, waiting for someone to open the door for him. Which was me in that case. And so Qiao, I saw him again, this time, he asked about me, and asked for my name, and we shook hands. 😀

I was telling myself, if I managed to bump into him 3 days straight, I’ll make friends with him.

Next day, When I was about to leave my condo, I saw him again, and yeah! We make friends 🙂

Ok, then nvm. I don’t think the world is small.

Few days later he asked me how do I know Dona ?

I was searching for a roommie online, and Dona was posting an ad, about sharing in this condo. And I added her on FB to know her better before we both commit.

In the end, she went MIA. So I moved in myself.

Turned out, Dona stayed in his house and is his friend! OMG!

What a small world?

Just now I was at Sim Lim Tower, because the stupid 130 bus just don’t wana arrive. I don’t wana be damn late for my class in JB. So I decided to take another bus to stop at Sim Lim and walk down.

And while I was walking in, the scene reminded me of my days in ASK electronics. Where I was there working as a general worker, which gave me the knowledge of adaptor, amph and other stuffs of electronics part.

Reminded me of AH Kee auntie, Uncle Alex and Biao Ge, too bad I was in a rush, couldn’t go and visit them 😦

Just when I was thinking of that, Uncle Alex APPEARED!!


So zhun lah!

I really need to buy 4D liaosssss 🙂

Oh btw, Tim Ben is in Singapore!

I thought of him somewhere , somehow, and the next thing I knew, Ashley told me he’s in SG alrd!

I was chatting with Daniel on tue, while I was stranded in Queen street. I had a panic attack. I thought I was going to die, CMI already! Suddenly I couldn’t breath, I was gasping for air, headache, my mind was in a blank. And I really thought I was gonna die already!

Luckily, I had my Ventolin. And I had 8 pumps to stabilized my condition. Finally I was feeling better.

Then went dinner with Wendy and Bowie. Awesome people ~

While I was having dinner, my hands were trembling, and I was having cold sweat, my heart was beating very fast. That was when I knew I was having a panic attack.

I don’t know what triggered it. But according to Daniel, it could lead to being paralysed. T_T

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad, not like the previous time where Rebekah threatened me in school.

I went home and I couldn’t move at all. I was bed ridden. My cell phone was just beside my leg, but I couldn’t even pick up my cell. Neither I had the power to kick it to me, I just lay helplessly in my bed, trying to “call” for help. And I was left alone like that for almost 2 days before I recovered. And it took me almost a month before I could go school again. =.=

Oh ya, I was “complaining” about my schedule. My Sunday ended at 2+ am, and my Monday started at 5+ am, me waking up and rolling to sound design class at 8am, crazy leh! I have to take 1.5 hours to go schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

The journey to school is as long as the previous school word 🙂

Oh, and then, My monday ended at 4am+, which was typically about 23 hours~

Daniel was “exclaiming” ( i kua zhang ok?) , “that wasn’t even a day anymore~! Its freaking 23 hours!”.

What to do ? No time mah, have to maximize the hours I have.

My tuesday started at 7+am, me waking up to go for Research & Marketing communications,which was like 3hours of sleep for me, and it ended at about 3+am, which was like 21hours. See? People have 12 hours day and 12 hours night, and I had 3 hours night, 21 hours day, even better, it varies up to 23 hours night and 1 hour day~ LOLOL

SORRY Dan, I know I always complain, but u’re so nice to listen to me KPKB 😛


Enough about my emo stuffs and the world is round 🙂

I’ll be attending Hui Keng’s wedding tmr, at Orchard Hotel.

OMG! I can’t believe it, this Si Zhar Bor is finally getting married 🙂

After marriage, our Chua Hui Keng “nv ren” will be a xian qi liang mu. Salted wife, chill mother . WAHAHAHAHAHHA!

That’s it, I need to sleep le, waking up at 10+am for gym, then later need go do Pedicure 1st at 1pm, then go customize a cake for her, as a wedding gift, before I attend her wedding 😀

My day is 19hrs day, 5 hours night !


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  1. witnessthefire November 23, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    Wow, It IS a small world 😉

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