Its December!

2 Dec

Yeah, I know my title is crap. But nvm about that 🙂 

Wasn’t busy tts why nv update. Was because Cecilia hold me and requested for me stop writing my blog for a week and wait for an answer from my so called boss. 

Just now Cecilia told me that my boss will pay me on Monday ? 

We shall see how ? After all, the trouble started when she promised me… LOL 


Was watching Already famous (一泡而红), the story was well written and quite true to life, it looks like what I was thinking all along. 

I had to write this down before I forgot, 小鬼 was saying “不是每个人都可以一炮而红的, 有些人要泡了才能红,也不是每个人都可以坚持到最后。 

Its true that not everyone succeeds on the first try, some take longer, some needs more training before succeeding, but not everyone can persists till the end, which is something I took home apart from all the laughing.

Wanted to write more about this, but then now late le, should go sleep and write tomorrow. 

Went to watch Apple of my eye, (那些年,我们一起追的女孩) again, OMG! I can’t believe it, this is the third time already. This time I noticed things that I didn’t note of during my 2nd watch 🙂 

In fact, for the last few days, I was quite free, nothing to do, watching drama and doing nothing. I didn’t even go JB for classes, cause Tebby was quite moody, and he’s so 三八yet emo, see him so stress, better don’t go and 气him for this whole week 🙂 

I shall upload photos tomorrow in my post 🙂 


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