It’s never balanced

9 Dec

Seriously… Christmas is always the busiest season.

I was either too free, or too busy. Either way. There’s no balance in my life.

I love writing blog, but I hate writing articles for some newspapers.

Perhaps blogging embraced my writing style. But writing formally requires some sort passion and skills.

I am lacking in that.

I was being “slapped” in the face by the editor. Because my article sucked.

Thinking that it would be edited by our team editor and facilitators first. But I was quite wrong.

Didn’t know I really had to get dermatologist for that. OMGFMLWTFBBQ

I’m so tired.

Moving house.

Meeting demanding customers.

Skincare classes.



Makeup lessons

Makeup classes

Chasing $ from people who owe me and refuses to pay. I shall name that person if she refuses to pay up by end of year.

Moral of the story, don’t ever trust anyone with regards to salary unless there’s black and white.

I’m so stupid. 

Its Carmen’s Birthday.


Dear FYP team mates, please edit my article before sending to the editor. My language sucked, I really don’t know how to do it.


I badly need to sleep. Have skincare + makeup classes in 3 hours T_T


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