Finally :D

12 Dec

Finally, I finished the 1.5k slimming article. PHEW!!

Yesterday rolled to school and I was running like mad dog.

When I finally rolled into class, it was only Chee Wee and meeeeeeeeeee.


I was so happy!

Mido straight call Chee Wee as big underwear, While Elina feel that big underwear is so irritating.

Yah lor! I think so too. I’m so sick and he still wana talk rubbish and come disturb. LOL

I booked my condo’s function room, bbq pit and bowling alley for Anson Bitch. He will hold a party for all YES IG members. Or wadeva club they call it now.

Anyway, in the end, also call Ken to help. LOL.

Ken , bu shi wo bu yao da gei ni. But ni zhen de hen mei you dian hua li yi de leh!

I call Ken, he will “yah?”


Last time he will “hello”… TIme flies, I’m gonna graduate 😛

Ah Lynda Fu had meeting until late. So I left after waiting for a long time. Had to take photos later instead for Euodia’s article. But yep yep! We can do it! 😀

Saw Akira just now outside my room, at the living room! I’m so happy lah! I thought he ignored me!

He’s really a nice guy. He was the first person to be nice to me in this house I’m staying. He helped me to move my book shelf. OMG it was so heavy, I can die. But he offered to help me. THANK YOU AKIRA 😀

Jardin Laurent was the 2nd one to be nice to me. He gave me wifi password. That mother fucked up Rachel Looney didn’t even help me with anything and she was my roommate? Fuck her lah ! LOL

I went to Kayde’s shop to get my reservation, her new staff is nice 😀

I saw Mark  a.k.a. chest muscle. Yeah. This chest muscle guy scratched his butt in public and he shake his leg while sitting down, then he suddenly blow air loudly -_-”


Anyways, I wanted to tell him long ago I’m not ah lian, and I did today.

“Mark, I’m not an Ah Lian”…

“Arh ? I where got call you that? I don’t even know who you are” (in a very mono tone)


Really… Don’t judge a book by its cover. The specs may give a geek feeling. The chest muscle and build makes him look macho.

But what’s with scratch butt in public and shaking leg+ blow air ?


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