15 Dec

Hello Peeps

As X’mas gets nearer and nearer, I think its time to post some Christmas related post 😀

This Christmas, I’m so greedy.

Normally, my Christmas goes to work, because its double pay, and sometimes I get 3 x2 pay because of some special jobs and usually, I’ll be more than happy to work OT and stuffs.

Celebrations and gifts are just too much for me..

I remembered I didn’t have Christmas for about 4 years, even new year and CNY also.

All double pay. Because I ran away from home at the age of 16, I need money hehehe 😛

I want these as X’mas gifts:

1. Waterproof Mp3- For me to entertain myself when I’m swimming.. Its getting abit boring when I’m swimming 😛

2. Waterproof Watch- I need to know the time, there’s no watch for me to monitor the exercise duration

3. Mini digital camera, those freaking small type- Its so handy to bring out 😛

Lastly, I’m gonna join a plus size competition 🙂

The link is : http://issuu.com/plusmodelmag/docs/dec_11_issue_plus_model_magazine_plus_size_fashion/143

Actually, I don’t know if I’m eligible, neither do I know if I even stand a chance, but nvm about that, its just a try 🙂

Wish me luck ?

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