Goodbye Lukas! Come back soon! :D

22 Dec

As above, am bidding goodbye to Lukas..

Was way overdue, but am sick…

Forgot to add on, my sickness, started with flu, until my nose almost dropped off, then food poisoning for few days, too weak to even go doctor, stay alone prepared to die alone de, so no big deal 😀

Then aft that, respiratory infection. Then together, add with eye infection. And I’m not even a lens wearer.. jialat.. was it because I never sleep for two days straight?

OK. Back to Lukas.

Let me Gan En 1st..

Thank you Nuffnang for letting me know Lukas! AWESOME


I went to Toa Payoh to meet Daniel, Qiu and Lukas.

At Toa Payoh, we decide to bring Lukas to drink Koi, since it’s his last day in Singapore liaosssss

So at Koi..

I bumped into Biao Ge ~


Tong Zi 😀
AWESOME, coz tongzi and me fated de 😀

We went to Whoampoa Keng for Fish soup and Zi Char~ Must thank my dear Natashino / Natatoast for bringing me there on my birthday, otherwise, jiu.. wahahahaha

Donald met us there 😀

some text
Daniel is so photogenic, coz I took the photo 😀

Qiu with her Rayban Specs 😛

Star of the day, Lukas Wellinger

Me is a toast 😀

Our Foodies for the nite :

Lao Niang’s Camwhoring time :

You think its the end ? Wahahaha!

Next, we walked back to the bus stop, to digest, after a full table of foodies..

We walked past this dodgy long kang, and Donald said to Lukas, ” Lets go in and do something!” .. Lyk some LJ dai ji , then Lukas said “fuck you!” LOLOL!

I took the last few photos of Lukas strolling in SG 😀

On the way…

I thought this was quite nice?

Finally got the chance to :

Walk to the back of Trellis Tower 😀

Lukas and me try to act like couple 😛

my face again

Lukas’ nail art

We departed at TPY interchange.

Next day, I went to Lukas’ hse to help him carry his luggage to airport

His luggages were so big and heavy, we were like siao lang, so many ppl look at us in train 😛

Lukas made cakes for us 😛

I bought a Domo for Lukas, looked for it for damn long then manage to find one pillow like domo, so in case Lukas don’t hug it, at least he can use as pillow and wont throw him away T_T
Now this small one is a German Domo 😛

Lukas and Domo migrating to Germany

That’s how much we had

Wait! What is HAPPENING?

OH NO!!!!


We walked… to …


Last sg meal before he left 😀

Photo Taking TIME!


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