Oh Why ?

22 Dec

Hey Readers!

I got some people asking me about my blog, why isit password protected?

As you can see, my most recent’s blog post are some weird name, which sounded like assignments?

And yes, it is my assignment, which is my portfolio development. OMG

Talking about that, omg, it is really making me crazy… It was real hard, I wasn’t a writer type of person… at least, I felt that I could’ve wrote way better if you let me write in Chinese…

When I was in Secondary school, my English Teacher, Mrs Shiva and Mrs Ramesh, both said that I could only write stories like ” Once upon a time, in a far far lala land, there live a bird… today is a sunny day… ”

Correct me if I’m wrong, this is narrative descriptive, meaning “talk and describe” ?

Which is mostly what I’m doing now? In blog, talking and describing .. LOL

My teachers have foresight.. I used to don’t believe them.. but now.. yes..

I remembered this stupid Mrs Singh, my F&N teacher, who said I was stupid to change sch to pursue my F&N..I hate her, but anyways, she said, I would either be someone super super duper lousy, or I will be someone “big” … Maybe my size? wahahaha!

But anyways, she said I won’t work for people, literally a full time “job”… sit there rot… LOL

True enough, yes, I’m like this..

Ok, back to the point about my blog protected thingy..

These “articles” are my portfolio, which HAS to be hosted online, it is mandatory according to my sch’s criteria. If not, I’ll fail, and RETAIN one semester T_T

My school made this rule, you’ve to submit through online, send all the articles, then……. print out one hard copy…… then…………………. copy all the soft copies into 3 CDs….. then, HOST THEM ONLINE …

So yeah, sorry, for the time being, until my advisor approve my “articles” (if they’re one), I can’t unprotect them, arhbo i die .. wahahahaha

Oh, anws, I once had the passion to write, and I siao siao thought I can write super super well.. but you read my blog confirm know, this siao ah lian.. LOL

I’m writing blog as a form of sharing (useful or not?) I dont know…

As for so many days not writing, because I fell sick, trying to rest more if possible…

Had blood clots in my mucus, jialat sia.. From 7th sick till now. Self medicate cannot, go doc, take doc med, cannot… blood clot even more.. like those “drama” , vomit blood, I ” blow blood” šŸ˜€

Breathing also got problem, all jialat…

Till now still like that… OMG

Then my PD make me big fat head. FYP cannot submit, send/ communicate. I don’t know why, just failed, Afiq didn’t reply me… Euodia’s pic, jialat, coz HuiKeng not in office, cannot retake..

Also, my school de RPRC people SUPER GUAI LAN!

They really KNNCCB! Next time I buy equipment throw in their face, idiots!

People in RP will know how they KPKBKNNCCBKNS šŸ˜€

So these are all my reasons for not blogging and “locking” some articles, anws, its just work, nothing interesting šŸ˜€

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