siao arh ?

12 Jan


I’m so crazy..

Because of editing audio, and because I’m an audio idiot, I spent 3 days trying to edit audio and put the stupid music in , and its using Audacity, which was used when I was a DJ.. WTH..

Now I’m typing literally with my eyes close.. I don’t know how long will my conscious last and I think I’m dying… but I stil have to go on, with deadlines, from PD, to FYP , UT2 etc.. all the crap and bullshit.. but I know, if I finished it with all my effort, I will be able to say bye bye to RP… I waited for 3 years, finally I’m gonna roll away from this sch.. I wanted to do this so badly..

Euodia was asking why I never update my blog, then now I’ll tell you, I slp 2 hours and woke up at 4+ am till now still haven’t sleep.. so carzy…

sorry my FYP team mates, rest assure I will do my part… and thanks for all your help, especially Afiq and Euodia 🙂


nites 😀

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