14 Jan

Hello everyone !

I’m currently busy rushing for FYP…

The SPH project so ma fan… I was right, should have done food, at least not so jialat, don’t need interview so many people..

But alas, it’s still a decent project and new experience.

I’m updating my blog because, my friend just gave birth today! :DDDDD

I kept texting her because I’m very excited and NERVOUS 😀

Yesterday she was still saying that she’s not nervous and not scared of pain 😛

Today she texted me aft giving birth, telling me give birth is soooooo painful! I can feel her pain sia.. LOL

Anyway, her baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute! OMG!~ Too ke ai already, I think I lose to her , wahahahahaha


Wish you jian kang zhang da and stay cute 😀

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