HELLO! I’m back!

3 Feb

As the name suggested, I’m back :DDDDDDDD

Finally! After what seemed so long break.. All jobs, FYPsssssss & PDssssssnd  & school and blah blah blah blah blah! I’m finally Back!!!

To update about my life first..

These are the people to thank : (not in sequence)

1. Ah To (HK)

2. Lukas(Germany)


4. Pig Head (HK)

5.Wincy (HK)

6. Xiao J

7. Xiao Bai

8. Deanna ( My zha pian zi tuan)

9. Yeeki

ya.. I think that’s about it for the time being ? I wana thank these people, who texted me, fb me or whatapps me for xmas. I really appreciate you guys who replied me after receiving my X’mas card.

Every year, without fail, I will send physical cards to my friends overseas, it makes me feel that the connection is there. Also wana thank Wincy for her cards, pig head as well.

Too many people to thank, you know who you are:)

I’m gonna grad from RP in another week or so,  this is the first time I felt that my future is waiting for me, I can grab, can see, can feel and even touch. It belongs to me, MY FUTURE.

Maybe not for RP stuffs, but nevertheless, I must thank RP , for all the different lifestyles, if not for this school, I’ll never be able to get my own intern, work as a radio DJ for internship, work like hell despite schooling. All the dramas and craps, makes me realized that , its only for school. After school, I don’t need any.

Thinking back, if I were to go to a normal school, I might lead the life that I’ve planned , but I’ll never try anything new, never step out of SG etc.

There are too many things on my mind which I thought I should write them out. So many people asking me, why am I staying outside? Why am I alone? Why I don’t stay with family? Why am I so rebellious? Why is my name Kayashino ? SO MANY WHYsssssss!

I shall explain in my next few posts 😀


I would like to thank everyone who had helped me for my project.

1. Mido

2. Lao Niang

3. Lukas (all the way from Germany)

4. Mun Ting (helped me before gg back Penang! XIEXIE)

5. Jardin Laurent ( so many times re-record)

6. Joey(mushroom head ah boy) ( The echo issue)

7. Tharenii( although u make me wait so long)

8. Nata pork (www.natalong.blogspot.com) (xie xie you for staying so long to help me)

9. Desmond (trying very hard to help in editing)

10. Nana ( for your laptop lending )

11. Xiao Ka ( nv slp and help me buy so many thing )

12. Deanna ( help me burn CD )

13. WenShu (thanks! I know deep down you nv changed)

hmm…. Shall write more later, laptop gg low batt alrd 😀

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