Considerations for my future

9 Feb

Hi guys,

I believed some of you would already knew about me going to Hong Kong for 2 weeks and Taiwan for two weeks as well..

Altogether, it would add up to one month, which will be the longest “vacation” I would have for my life, until now at least.

The reason for being away for so long is because, I wanted to try going overseas to seek my future.. Be it my career or studies.

I went to Hong Kong once, and it was only for a pathetic one day.. But nevertheless, HK is a nice place, at least for me.. Because I felt that, I like how the landscape is, how the weather is when it’s cold, how everything look so “dramatic”, because I’m a HK drama fan.. So yeah.. It feels quite unbeliveable for me to be walking into “movies & dramas”..

That aside, HK people are more direct, and I prefer that. Although sometimes they may sound a little rude to extremely rude, but at least, that’s how it works and HK ppl are very practical people.. I like that 🙂

I flaged for a taxi, and ask the driver go to my hotel, which was 5mins drive away, and I even gave him a map, point out to him where.. And he just gave me two words, “Don’t know”….. I guess it was just a culture in HK 😛

As for Taiwan, I’ve always been a fan of Taiwanese Drama, it was just AWESOME!

Say I’m an idiot, say any shit you want, I DON’T CARE 😛

Another thing about TW is, I LOVE NAMEWEE!!!

Something that’s rude but true from Namewee

I was laughing in the middle of nite! His movie is AWESOME! I watched it twice, wished he could gave me two tickets 😛

He is just pure awesome! I wanted to go Ming Chuang Uni because my IDOL , Namewee was there to complete his studies, and I just felt that he’s damn impressive, able to do something that lives in my heart !

This was what I was viewing, it was not bad, sounds like Namewee though:

But of course, again, I may not be talented even with proper training…T

Nevertheless, I wana go to HK & TW to try living like a local and see if I like it and then plan my next step..

But think again, he’s not wrong to ask for no racism, although sometimes Namewee is doing it in a comical way, but at least, its better than this:

This is the real development journalism, what we learnt in school was totally “crap” cause of this..

But then again, racism is a scary thing…
Incidents in Indo, Africa etc. Showed all the scary and ugly side of the world… I couldn’t help by sigh… nothing could be changed and people are just repeating their mistakes and all the hypo… Mao Mao was right ..

It just freaking reminded myself of the time when I joined Red Cross, the pledge and everything… It was a pity I didn’t complete Red Cross in Beatty, it was something I was passionate about T_T

Also, I think I will spend all my $ on vacation, so if you’re my boss, pls continue to give me jobs aft I come back otherwise I GG alrd T_T

As for potential sponsors/ whatever boss , do email me if you wana work with me 🙂

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