To my surprise

15 Feb

Oh well, I was googling for a headshot of myself online… And I found my photo in my school’s website:)

It was quite surprising, because I’m not those good students around … ( Well, I’m not exactly bad) 😛

Lets just say, RP is nothing bad, just that it doesn’t suits me much.. Everyone has their way of studying, perhaps, mine was just plain boring.. But who cares ? So long it works ?


That’s the link..

Finally the school gave me some media coverage, for good things HOR .. WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! k LAH, I know I sound like some idiot -_-”

I kiasu, saved the page down

Not sure if you can see though, but yeah! In case you’re wondering who’s at the back of the pushcart, counting money or wadsoever ..

Its Kelly!


She joined the competition because she wanted CE points 😛

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