A New Romance Idea :)

16 Feb

I was looking through my mail and as usual, there’s lots of junk mails, lots of stuffs that’ll be great for me to read in my free time, but as usual, I always have no time.. Be it too much work, school or even simply just my own mis-management of my time. But never mind about that.

I found something interesting 🙂


That’s something to make my day (nite) .

For a moment, I thought I was having illusions, but nope 🙂

The guy, Dexter was so creative in posting a deal online, this is soooooo COOOOOOOOOL !

I bought the deal as well to support 😀

It makes a good romance idea as well 🙂

And yes, the gal said YES !

Congrats and may this couple have a blissful marriage 😀

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