Cultural shock ?

29 Feb

I remembered the previous time I went HK, the weather was around 12+ degrees.

I was wearing a spaghetti short dress and walking around like nobody’s biz, you know, being the bimbo toastie, LOL 😀

While I was walking with my friends and me being amazed by the streets appearing in front of me, those kinda lanes are those that only appeared in HK TV dramas!
And it’s appearing in front of me ! OMG!

Ok, anyway, back to the point.

I was happily walking around with my friends and suddenly one of my friend “shouted” …

I was a little shocked, and asked him what happened.
It turns out that people were staring at me as though I’m a prostitute …….. -_-”

I got a shock also whenever I’m at a certain roadside stall buying food etc. The seller will always “STRETCH his hand out long long long’ to ask you for payment. It’s not something I see in SG 🙂

My friend explained to me that they’re just straightforward, and I like that part that Hongkies are straightforward and realistic, they’re not like people who beat around the bush and it’s easier to get along with them rather than guessing people’s mind 😀

But overall, I really love Hong Kong and I’m glad that I’m coming back to HK in another 2 wks or so 😀
I will be staying there for about two weeks and then…

My plan is damn crazy, don’t know if it’ll work.. so see how 😀

I plan to go HK for two weeks, in between visit Macau + ShenZhen , then after that fly down to taiwan for two weeks , after that fly to KL for seminar then finally back to SG.

I guess that’ll take me a mth+ and it’s the longest vacation I’ve taken so far, but I shall keep my fingers crossed, coz I’m going almost alone and … maybe… perhaps…

It’s really hard work trying to plan my trip… haiz…. OMG …

Anyway, I think I “culturally shocked” the Hongkies during my 1st trip as well, ppl in SG wear spaghetti but in HK not so much, especially in such weather! LOL

Bimbo Toastie!

I saw these while I was searching for accommodation in HK:

Somehow I think that the Chinese version sounds more polite, but the English one is a little hilarious 😛


Although it’s a little weird stating such things on some booking site, but LOL! It’s quite true 😛

But nevermind about that, and that’s for now, shall update when everything is confirmed 🙂

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