French, I’m coming!

9 Mar


Seriously, finally, I got what I wanted..

I’m a greedy person, I want so many things..

Wanting to travel around, going to Hong Kong, Beijing, Macau, Taipei..

Was thinking of going to other places in China as well.. We’ll see how 🙂

As per my title, I’m gg to learn French!~

My interest towards French started when I first get to know Rudy Benayoun.

I called him on phone, and realized that we couldn’t communicate fluently because he’s not used to speaking English, and neither could I speak French as well.

I went to check out language centers for French Classes and I found one, French Toast!

As many of you might have known, I’m a CUTE TOAST~

So naturally, when I saw the name, I WAS SO EXCITED~

BUTTTTTTT, because of blah blah blah, all the excuses, I subscribed to the newsletter, but didn’t follow up to sign up classes.

Recently I went to career fair and saw a booth from French Toast and I signed up for their Lucky DRAW~~

The grand prize was a free elementary French classes!

I was just fat-hoping and wishing I could get it for free~

And yes!~

Few days later, I received an email which stated that I got it for freeeeeee~!@#!&(*)$%^&*(_)(*&^%$#$%^&*(

I can’t believe it man! OMG!

yep! So yeah, literally I got it for freeeeeee~

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