Macau Day 2

20 Mar

Hello guys!
Today is my 2nd day in Macau. In fact, maybe is 1st day in Macau. I actually booked the hotel in Taipa, which is another island beside the maini Macau island, but yet is considered in Macau LOL.

My day started with having breakfast with Lao Niang at the hotel 😀

This was what I ate 🙂

This was the view outside my hotel and we took the bus to the Macau main island

A random view while in the bus, I find it very nice, its not like some shitty view

The interior of the bus resembles Singapore’s bus, but the difference is that, the bus is damn damn damn fast! You’ll most probably fall down if you didn’t hold on to the pole or something, but its damn nice lah! It’s like MRT, because it will have an announcement on which bus stop has it arrived to.

Some Camwhoring photos:

We went to a biscuit shop which sells Bah Kua as well, in Macau, there are lots of such shops around, which made me wonder if their Bah Kua is really that good?
And yes~ I bought it and it really TASTE GOOD 😀

I’m not a fan of almond biscuits, but I actually bought them from this shop, COZ ITS DAMN AWESOME!

We went to some places and took some photos, Macau really has the very very nice buildings, nice place, and its really something that calms me down no matter how hectic my mood feels ~

Jiao Bin when you camwhore in the sun 😀

We went into the alley to shop and walk around, this shop is specially selling handmade beading bags, the uncle in the picture is the one who made all these exquisite bags, and its priced at 2k+ HKD for some of the bags because it’s handmade 🙂

We walked past a traditional wet market in Macau and I saw this, price list for all the foods, recommended price guidelines, not bad eh ?

Close up of the pricing

Macau people needs to go market too~ The interior looks like SG but with a nicer weather and awesome people! 😀

Traditional handmade almond biscuits that taste real awesome! OMG~ Seriously must dabao go back!

We bought Portuguese egg tart and its damn awesome~! Smooth and not too sweet, fragrant~!
We stood at a small alley and ate them as our shopping bags were too heavy~
While eating, I saw many students walking around, it’s weekday and they had to go school 🙂



I told Lao Niang, I’m going to approach any student and take a photo of an authentic Macau Student!~
I Succeededdddddddddddd~ OMG~ The guy initially got a shock but he’s friendly and gladly accepted my “invitation” 😀
YEAH! And I spoke to him using my lousy Cantonese 😀

We happened to walk past this Jap shop selling Kitty stuffs, and Lao Niang told me if Mido saw this tee, she will go crazy~ So tadah!~

Next, we went to Yu Yan Ma Tau ~

This hotel is damn nice ~

Even the toilet is so nice 😀

I started again , with my skimpy dressing in a cold country , its awesome to freeze yourself, and also, the weather is best for chilling, so I “unwrapped” myself 😀

For a moment, I thought I was in MBS

Here are some photos of the buildings around Macau, I practically walk around the “whole” island 🙂

I thought of Bitch…

Bitch will be very happy to come here and take photos~

We walked up a bridge and crossed to another building in search for food 😀

Our dinner’s venue

Our Menu:

Old Cucumber soup

Thai style bah chor rice

Wanton mee add fishballs~ I suddenly remembered I’m in Macau, because I wanted to ask for dry noodles, but realized that the way to eat it is in soup 😀

Pan Fried carrot cake

Double boiled milk ~

Money in HK comes from these 3 banks (from the shopkeeper who told me )
China bank, HSBC and Standard chartered~
I told her that money in Singapore doesn’t come from a certain bank, then she was shocked and asked me where did money came from then? Our “Grandfather” lor~ LOL

We roamed around and saw Macau Polytechnic~ I was damn excited, but the building is enclosed~ How I suddenly wished it’s Republic Poly concept then I can walk in..
But I was damn curious, and die die wanna go in.. So I approached a guy who just came out of the school and asked him if outsiders can go in.. He say, it’s not open to public but nobody would stop you from going in.. So I just went in.. the guard was looking at me and starring because I wore dress in cold day, but I acted as though its a normal routine and he never said anything~

Facilities in the school: (peek)

I walked out and saw an ancient public phone~

I called Cindy and talked awhile and the line was cut off -_-”

Walked past Metro Park hotel Macau, we are going to check in that in HK 😀

I bought Gong Cha there, HKD 20 for large cup with jelly and stuffs, nice~

This looks interesting to me, but there’s people guarding at the main door, too bad, otherwise I’ll sneak in 😀

We decided to take bus back to our hotel and while walking and searching for the right bus stop, we saw these:

That’s it for now~ Later going to check out and go to HK main island ~


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