A day to remember-HK day 3

24 Mar

Helooosss I’m back 🙂

Here’s my transit day from Macau to Hong Kong

My day started with breakfast in hotel with Lao Niang

We went to the ferry terminal to purchase our ferry ticket to Hong Kong, this overview of the terminal resembles the one to Batam somehow

My overall feeling of Macau is a gracious city, people are nice and friendly~

I took turbojet back to HK

But on my way back…

I got into an accident, the connector between the land and ferry moved when I was about to cross over, the metal came to my toe and rammed over~ My toe “split” at the side and the whole nail had to be removed..T_T

The staff at turbojet wasn’t helpful, the first one who saw me in this state asked me, which ferry am I from, when I was just outside their ferry!
My toe was bleeding so badly that it left a pool of blood on the floor, I was so afraid my toe would be gone..

Nv expected that the first time I sat on a wheelchair because the pain was so bad, I can’t walk..

The guy in black is a staff from Turbojet, their manager promised me that they would settle the medical fees and asked me to keep my receipts.. So I went to an ambulance and was sent to Queen Mary Hospital..

I was being told that Queen Mary Hospital was the best government hospital in Hong Kong, but when I went there, my toe was still bleeding and they made me wait for 4 hours! Nobody attended and stop my bleeding.. They left me to bleed for 4hours before the doctor came T_T

Wincy knew about my accident and came to the hospital to fetch me, in the hospital, the doctor simply used glue to glue back my toe, I was given 4 jabs at the small area to stop my pain, so that he can remove my nail.. But, in the end, the 4 jabs are so painful, yet they don’t work, and I was given panadol and left the hospital with a wrapped toe only.. It was such a shame about these treatment, where they didn’t ask me to follow up also, the bleeding nv stopped also..
Anyway, Wincy brought me to a cafe for lunch + dinner
The bun was awesome!

We had noodles soup with some beef pasta, it was damn awesome lah! Milktea too!

Thank you Wincy 🙂

We walked around Mongkok, there are performances and then…

I saw this awesome ice cream! Its a must try and my favorite, this was just like two yrs ago, when I came at this date and had the same ice cream..

But this time, Harrison is here, and he bought me the ice cream 😛

I can camwhore for 3 pax

I wanted to buy eyebrow shaver before the shop closes but I was eating ice cream and can’t enter the shop, so Harrison went in and bought for me, SO SWEET 🙂

A typical HK street which don’t know why, quite amazes me

They bought fried intestine for me, actually I don’t eat them de, but I was willing to give it a try, anyway since I’ve already had so much lol things happening le

Amazingly, it was damn nice!

We went to Xu Liu Shan later on to have dessert and it was nice, we three were talking craps but it was real fun 🙂

It was a pity that my day was wasted in HK but at the same time, I really experienced life.. Buy travel insurance whenever you travel 🙂

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