Day 4 in Hong Kong

26 Mar

Well, till this date, I’m looking more like a HK ppl because my Cantonese is getting better 🙂

My day started with Lunch with Lao Niang, we had our food in Meixin Restaurant

We had char siew rice and the charsiew in HK is awesome, its thick and fragrant

Beside the restaurant, we saw a traditional biscuit shop, which had this interesting lotus biscuit, its really to eat biscuits in Hong Kong

The private clinics in Hong Kong is very different from SG, most of them are situated in a building, I have to take lift up to search. Because my wound was bleeding profusely till it seep through the thick bandage and stained my sandals, so I had to search for a doctor to clean my wound..

We went into this tiny lift and there are some aunties talking about people saying that the lift is small, but nobody said that they are fat, and she was saying that luckily lao niang and me moved in, if not they can’t squeeze into the lift 😛

This was my look for the day

After doctor, I went to shop at Tong Choi St, there are lots of things to buy this is my favorite…

No matter how painful my wound was, curry fishball never failed to delight me 🙂

I saw this interesting specs and bought it, although I felt retarded, but it was fun

An overview of the street, always filled with people

After lots of shopping, my makeup was still intact thanks to the cold weather 🙂

We went to have smelly beancurd at the nearby street

When coming back, we saw this Sun Hotel which I was supposed to book it, but the hotel people hung up my call and thus, I’m back in Metropark Hotel Mongkok

I decided that I wanna explore HK, so we went on any bus and had a ride , till don’t know where 😛

While I was in the bus , this was what I love to do

We went cross the sea tunnel and don’t know go where 😛

Finally, the bus stopped at this place where they are lots of Caucasian

We walked and saw this tram in the middle of nowhere, so I just board it and roamed around

The interior of the tram looked like this

I thought this looked like “ShopNSave” and yes, indeed it is!

I want to watch these movies

Went pass this and thought it was quite crazy to walk up these stairsssssss

This sign gave me a suddenly thought of some other things in Hokkien

We stopped at North point and went into a cafe and had our dinner :

Food and drinks in HK are so awesome that….. :

I know my face very qian bian 😛

In the end , we were lost, so I used my lousy Cantonese to ask for directions and went back by MTR

This is a special sign in HK

After a long day of searching for doctors and roaming- This ended our day 🙂

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