Help Alvin Get Into School!

19 Apr

As per my post, this was to Help Alvin get into school~!


I just graduated from Poly and could truly understand how he feel about pursuing a degree locally…

For me, hehe! I guess, Singapore’s school fees are getting too expensive( or was it expensive always?)

I can’t afford it, my parents can’t afford it.. Even if I work like a dog to save up.. LOL~ I rather go overseas~

So yeah! Back to this Alvin guy, he’s quite creative, to think of such ways, perhaps , Ngee Ann people have more creativity ?


Damn! I should have done that when I was rejected by Ngee Ann more than 10x? The Chinese Mass Comm I wanted so badly.. Haiz..

So how to help him ?

Go to and click “like” and then SHARE! So easy!~ 


Good luck Alvin~

One Response to “Help Alvin Get Into School!”

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