Toastie is so bad~

2 May

Hello guys, it has been 10 freaking days since I last blogged..

I always wonder to myself, why did I started a blog? What is my blog to me ? Isit a personal space for me to rant all the ass bull crap and just “pollute” the cyberspace? Isit a place for me to record down my memories, be it good or bad, big or small events that matters to me ?
Or isit just a daily record of what I’m doing, going to do and so on?

Well, I found the answer to it..

I started a blog because I love writing(typing), ever since I was young.. I remember when I was in secondary school, I love to write compos etc.

But as I grew older and I went into RP, whereby everyday I had to type and type , face my computer like my pillow and sofa etc. And the constant “forcing” of writing because we’re pretty much focused into journalism.. I began to “hate” writing..

It was to the point that some of my articles as project/ assignments, I could get an “E” grade LOL

Hahahahaha~ Nevertheless, I’m able to scraped through these three years because probably I’m real good in my theory stuffs LOL

I wanted to start a blog, bought my own domain etc. Because I wanted to remember memories in my life, I can read them and remember things that happened long ago which mattered to me so much at that point of time and now, looking back.. LOL

It is constantly a reminder for me not to give up on my passions; be it broadcast, presenting, writing, singing, acting and so on..

I was reading Xiaxue’s blog the other day and saw that she posted 6 posts last month ?

It wasn’t alot or very active, but at least, she’s making an effort to maintain her blog because of her passion and managing it even when she have busy schedulessssssssss.

I decided that I will blog at least once a week to make an effort to contribute something to this small space that I have.

Although I thought, I may have wrote some lousy articles/ bad grammarssssssss etc. But pls, forgive me, I’m really not a professional writer, but I’m willing to try and improve 🙂

Ok anyways, enough of reflections for the time being~

I went to a job interview two days ago ( yes, Toastie have to work too, money don’t come from the sky and I have to find a proper job after graduating from poly) LOL

It was at raffles place.. hmm.. actually, it’s three job interviews, two at the same office for different positions and one at the other side of raffles…. wah.. it was 12pm, weather so hot, I wearing blazer and KP-ing because I sweating like dog.. haiz..

So yeah, after that, I went to meet Mandy darling (mati darling) , that’s what I used to call her when I was in sec 2 ? It has been 8 freaking years~

Darling wanted to me bring a bag from HK back for her, it was a “Jeremy Scott(s)” bag from Longchamp, because it was LE version, it looked quite different from the normal ones and of course, much nicer~

So I went to meet darling for lunch and shun bian pass her bag to her~

We went for lunch and chatted for an hour, basically we never stopped talking throughout her lunch break, from the moment she saw me, hugged me and we walked, till we ordered food then eat and talk at the same time, then took photos and talk, and walked back to her office~ LOL

So talkative ? We used to be even more Gao Lat when we were younger~ Hahahaha~ Those were the days ?

Here’s a photo of Darling where she still look so young.. I always remembered last time when she was 16, she told me she bought kids wear for 12 yrs old de~ LOL
Darling had chicken sandwich with rosemary bread~

Here’s a photo of meeeeeeeeeee~
I was having some lamb sandwich thingy with grilled eggplant ? LOL

After so many years, we both finally met up!~

Thank you darling for being with me throughout so many years!~

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