Life goes on..

10 May

Lots of things happening to me,I thought I would be a happy person when I’m back..

But yet.. I was left to faced the “biggest” problem of my life..

I was into a relationship before I left for my trip.. I didn’t planned for the relationship.. But it was fate.. But yeah, it was fate also that I left for one month and when I was back, I was having food poisoning.. But I still went over to find him..

He told me.. He just “timer” me.. What a joke?

What was worst was the later part.. Where I found out, the woman was a much older one…

Literally, older doesn’t mean wiser.. She’s old, FUGLY and stupid, by stupid, I mean… way stupid than me~ OMG~ I guess that was what that I couldn’t take? Hahahahahahahaha~

What a joke??

I remember what my cousin told me before, in a relationship, its either you hurt him or he hurt you.. LOL

Quite true..

Life goes on and I figure out its time to move on..

Even if you don’t want me to leave while you still want her… You’ve no priority for me already..

Whenever you dumped me to rush to see her.. whenever you talk on the phone like no tomorrow and dumped me aside.. I think that’s enough…..

I don’t know why, but since you’ve “made your choice”, I shouldn’t linger on and be a wishy washy idiot..


Well… After almost a month, life goes on..

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