Hong Kong Day 5

12 May

Hello peeps, I’m guilty of not updating my blog about my trip.. But I guess, I’ll have no chance to go for such a “long” trip in the near future, and although, I’m back for about a month..

As I’ve mentioned before, life goes on and also, there’s just something wrong with my laptop that I can’t upload my photos till today..

But yeah~ I know its lots of excuses and blah blah blah~ But nvm, here goes my day 5 in Hong Kong 🙂

My day started with me going to Prince Edward MTR station to take train to Chuen Sha Wan station..

At the MTR in Hong Kong, it was real rare to find people standing on both sides of escalator, coz HK people are famous for being efficient, everything just happened in a breeze~ Perhaps this place wasn’t a CBD area which explains why people can do this 🙂

This is one unique sign that I saw in Hong Kong, which also showed the cultural side of HK with street stalls anywhere..

Hehehehehe~ This logo was my first curiosity about visiting friends in Hong Kong.. I met my HK friends in ITE in 2009 and since then we kept in contact, then I went HK with school and I ran away.. sorry Ken 😛 Anyway, this is Haking Wong VTC( vocational training center)

The basketball court in Haking Wong, I got SO EXCITED when I saw this~ The sight reminds me of a “standard” school bb court whenever I watch some HK TVB drama~ OMGOMG~

Hahahahahaha~ Yeeki gave me a look when I was so freaking excited and then, I’m actually visiting her, because I wana see how a school in HK look like 🙂

We went to have lunch/ Brunch in the school cafe, supposed to be true lunch, but Yeeki lazy lah~ She late for school, so in the end, we walked to her school together 😛

My Menu was salted fish with steamed meat pancake and ICE MILKTEA~ It was just awesome to drink milktea in HK, its just damn damn awesome, I had mine everyday :O

Yeeki’s menu was steamed egg and veggie with rice, and… MILKTEA~ THANK YOU Yeeki for your lunch treat 🙂

Btw, food is real cheap in school cafe, how I wish it’s like that in SG

The staff room reminds me of a secondary school setting in SG.. But anyways, while I was eating with Yeeki, her teacher came over and chatted with us because she saw a weird looking overexposed toastie (which was me lah, dress too little in cold weather) And this teacher came to know that I intended to study in HK and I came over to observe, so she told me SG have ITE which is similar to VTC

Later on , I followed Yeeki up to her class, had to “beg” her to allow me lah, coz she felt so “Malu”, it was 5th floor if I’m not wrong, lucky got lift, if not , I so fat with an injured leg confirm cannot tahan de lor~

I promised Yeeki that I will just follow her to see how her class look like then I will leave.. But her classmates are so nice, they invited me into the class~! LOL~ I can’t believe my luck lah~

So I came in , and I saw the lecturer, and then .. I was thinking.. If I should try my luck… so I went on, I opened my big fat mouth and asked for permission to stay in for a class, no loss if I was rejected 😛
And I got my wish fulfilled 😀

Some shots of the class:

At the end of class, I took pictures with the very nice lecturer~ LOL~ At first he was asking me which school am I from? Then I replied that I’m from Singapore~ I’m YEEKI’s FRIEND~ hahahahahha~! He was saying that if I sit in, Yeeki’s attendance will be given to me.. hahahahhahahahahaa!

Nevertheless, thank you teacher for letting me to sit in 🙂

Thank you Yeeki for all the “Paisehsssssssssss”, maybe I embarrassed you, but you’ve not dumped me 🙂

I’m really glad I managed to re-contact you after you went back to HK, and I’m really happy to see u again~!
We parted after the class because Yeeki had to go for another lecture by a “fierce” lady lecturer, I don’t wana try my luck with a lady LOL

My look for the day, never failed to camwhore~

I left to explore the school alone and saw some activities students do in their free time :

The retail outlet is for students to gain experiences working in the school, just like ITE’s Reel work 🙂

Hong Kong’s fishes! Something that amazed me, was that, not only most people are cramped in HK, even fishes too~ These are real huge, I was literally “afraid” of them when they opened their mouth.. OMG.. and they’re all in the small “pond like fish tank”..

Just beside the school, there’s a tall tall flat

Hair services are cheap in Hong Kong due to competitiveness

After school visit, I walked to the MTR staion and on the way observed the happenings around me 🙂

Seemed like basketball is a fav sports among students

Hong Kong specially has this program to help school dropouts teenagers to find jobs, train them with subsidies, an effort to maintain the society 🙂

I took this photo not because of the caution message, was because of the black Chinese words, “West Kowloon police” , hahahahaha! You must be wondering why~
I was super excited because I always saw in TVB dramas that police always come from “West Kowloon outlet” LOL~ Silly Toastie~

This one looks like City Sq in SG

Just happened I saw an ambulance going off to “save a fire”, and it reminded me of “Lie Huo Xiong Xin”, hahahahahaha~ Lots of TVB dreams came true for me~

Next, I went to the doctor to get my dressing done, the wound was too disgusting, and the doctor in Queen Mary Hospital did a bad job to glue it back.. Yes, he said he used glue.. And the worst thing was, he didn’t even ask me back to follow up, the nurse told me to keep my dressing for 15 days then it will heal.. hahaha~ The 2nd day, the wound burst open le lor~ Blood seeped through my thick 5cm bandage.. I was practically limping around~

Doctor Tam Yiu Pun used this on my wound

After that I went to roam around while waiting to meet Wincy, and saw this jewellery outlet, which was shown in the TVB show~ wahahaha

Went to Temple street for dinner, at Da Pai Dang= roadside stall
This is an authentic way to eat in HK, but me, beside being excited about foodiessssssss~

I kept asking Wincy where are the Hooligans in HK? It’s supposed to be like the movies, “Gu Huo Zai”, hahahaha! It was all TV n Movies which made up HK to me 😛

On our way to find food, we walked past this authentic oldies pawn shop which is going to extinct~

Next; Foodies:

My darling~

We choose one by the roadside to get the authentic feel 😛

“Bi Feng Tang chao Xie” = Something stir fried crab

Master Wincy showing tourist Toastie how to “clean your chopsticks”

Claypot eggplant minced meat

Authentic way to wash your glass, and the tea is FREE~

Roast “pigeon” if I’m not wrong, dipped with salt n pepper, awesomeness

Stir Fried Lettuce, so sua gu, first time eating them

I was so sua gu, and I walked to this signage and stand there observing, while people gave me strange stares~

On a closer look, she look like Christina LOL

Wincy and me became crazy and chat n chat non stop, since she told me there’s not much Singaporeans around her, so we started to do crazy things while queue-ing up for famous dessert here, Harrison was so paiseh lah!

Then suddenly , I went opposite to take photo of Li Bing Bing, omg, so pretty n fair!

Out of boredom, Wincy and me acted like bitches n kampung people, talking loudly n laughing, while Harrison wanted to dig a hole and hide himself~

Finally we got into the small small small shop: TADAH~

Harrison Gor Gor!

Toastie with a LOL face 😛

Master Wincy!

Our lovely foodies~

Nata De coco Something! Awesome MAX

Heavenly Durian Sago ice cream!


Mango skin wrap something! FREAKING NICE! OMG!

We left for some drinks after dessert and saw this group of youngsters doing hiphop, HK is indeed a vibrant place~

Walked past this bridge, famous for “Da Xiao Ren”, cursing evil people with paper dolls and smacking them with wooden clogs, wahahaha! Drama fan again ~


Drinks in Lan Kwai Fong!

There’s an event and place was flooded with lotsa people..

Crazy people too~
But because of my serious injuries, and there’s lots of glass bottles rolling down the slope~

While waiting for Harrison to get us a drink, we took photos and while doing that, there’s a crazy woman came to us and started talking and dragging us to go drink with her, I thought she’s Wincy’s friend LOL
Awhile later, she went and drunk talk with other drunk people LOL

So.. We went to Tsui Wah:


Buses in HK are 24 hours operating, and while waiting for bus, I kicked my injured toe and screamed in public.. HAIZ!! So pain! FML

Thank you guys for sending me back despite the late hours, XIEXIENI!

Last photo for my long fat day:


2 Responses to “Hong Kong Day 5”

  1. Yvonne May 14, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    hi babe 🙂

    just dropping by to leave you a message! i really enjoy reading your travelogues! 🙂 they are so detailed that it makes me feel like i’m there! thank you so much for blogging them, i really do enjoy reading your blog and i click on your blog everyday to check out for updates!

    anyway, hope you can keep the posts coming and the makeup tutorials you mentioned a couple posts back! 🙂

    • kayashino May 15, 2012 at 3:48 am #

      Hi Yvonne:D

      Thanks! It really encourages me to blog often when I get supporting readers like you 😀 Tutorial will be posted within this week, sorry for the delay:P The file is too big to upload and I’m an IT idiot, so I’m getting some IT experts to help me out T_T

      Anyways, more updates to come! Cya~~

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