My X’mas events 2011

15 May

Hello Peeps,

This post a little outdated, but I was really busy.. Actually wana skipped this post, but was thinking that my blog should record something that really matters to me and thus, decided to write this post as an appreciation to the people that are in my everyday life 🙂

I baked cookies for everyone actually, so Misha, my friend in my condo, got them as well, and this was X’mas eve. The day was quite sad actually, because it was raining heavily..

Peeps from YES! IG came my house for a BBQ and bowling session, some fly plane, but well, it’s just part and parcel of life.. I was actually waiting for them to come which delayed my plans as well… T_T

It was their first BBQ session and they didn’t know how to start fire etc. But luckily, all went well 🙂

Simple foods are enough to bind people together, it’s the thought that counts

My juniors from YES! IG ( some CCA group in RP):

I stayed with my junior for awhile, about 10 mins? Then I rolled off to JB.. To go to Sense&style for their Christmas Eve’s party.. But when I got to KASTAM… LOL

I was so horrified by the queuessssssssssssss OMG~! I won’t even make it to JB by midnight man~

I “Gostan” back to the end of everything and this was how long the queue was at the bus area.. No choice, I had to asked the police officer how to roll back to SG without going to Malaysia first..

My look for that day 🙂

At the end of the bus area, there is supposed to be a stairs that you have to roll down as above … and…

Walk through this long long bridge which was quite scary at night alone… Because I was watching some serial killer shows etc.


Next, I rolled down to Daniel’s Birthday party at East Coast Park, this bread with sausage was very nice, many thanks to Siying who cooked for me… ahem~ as for why only half? Because I was too busy during Christmas period, I never ate and drink for two days? OMG~ When I saw food, hahahahaha~

Thank you Chef Siying for the FOODIES~ ^_^

Seriously, I thought, during gatherings, simple food really binds us together ^_^

All the awesome peeps who came; its time to CAMWHORE~ :

Of course, me & my stupid face HEHEHEHEHE~

Then, Daniel, the Birthday boy did stupid poses with me :

After that I rolled home and the next day, it’s Christmas day~

I met up with Christina for lunch? And to pass her Christmas gifts as well..

Went to Orchard and it was wet because of the rain…

So many people were waiting to spray victims with some snow sprayT_T

Supposed to meet Nana & Nata, but they put plane, instead met up with Xiao Ka & Tor Chun Xiang 😛

Classic example of victims, sometimes I wonder, what’s the point? Its just foam LEH~

My beloved Ka Bread~

Brandon, Yeng Kee, Nana, Nata, Janice, Oiling, Richard, Carmen, Ah Huat – Thanks for being in my life ^^

Me & my pattern if you get what I mean, hahahahaha~!

Happiness can be simple

Camwhoring time :

Richard & me

Nick Kor kor & toastie

Ah Huat, my once senior and now my Junior ^_^

Janice, my junior too ^^

Nana & me ~ NANASHINO~

Ying mei mei ~

Ben & me ~

Natashino ~

Ian Gor ~


Out of boredom, Ying Mei Mei & me decided to stare at each other ^_^

Later on, we went to Ian Gor’s house to chit chat & open presents~

I robbed Nata of his plushie and camwhore with it , wahahahahahaha!
After that, we went home in the morning, which ended our gathering~

Next day, had lunch with my dad at Streats HK cafe~

Then we had dinner at Botak Jones, my SG shino gang and MY shino gang are meeting up, because….

Ah Pa & Ah ma (Yong Han & May Hooi) happened to come SG for visit , whahahahahaha!
Actually, Yong han is my pa because he’s just too matured, everytime nag here and there, buy me breakfast everyday when I was in Klang, then go lunch and dinner everyday, so nice of him lah, he even take our backpack and help us “wear” it before Tong Zi & me board the bus, just like how a father will send the kid to school~!
Then May Hooi is the gf, so naturally, is my ah ma~ LOL

Gift opening time ~

Simple fun times:

Nana, Nata, Carmen, Ian, Ah Huat, Yong Han, May Hooi, Mag Mag & Lao Niang ^_^

As usual, creating memories:

The next morning, Ah Pa met me to buy perfume for Ah Ma~ He no heart, nv prepare Christmas gift for Ma, while Ma gave him a surprise, ORHHHHHHHH HoRRRRRRRRRRR~

Our breakfast beside Mustafa 🙂

After that, Ah Pa went back to his hotel to go out with Ah Ma de family, while I…

Went to Chinatown to get this for Luca’s Birthday ^_^

On the way advertise for her, she’s a nice lady 🙂

We had a unit meeting with fellow members and cum “Christmas gathering”

Thank you Christina for the guidance all the way~


I’m eating the box~!

Members in my unit:

Gabriel & Carina


I met up with Xiao J/ HanXiang to pass him the gifts for Tebby, Alan, Xiao Bai, Xueyi and some others? I forgot liao, but too many le ~

We are such vainpots~! Wahahahahaha~

That marks the end of my Christmas Events 😀

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