Life without you :)

13 Jun

Well, it was quite sad actually~

I went to Universal studios alone, and then my dad invited me to have dinner with his son and his wife~ When I saw his son, I immediately ran away~ I would rather starve to death than to have my meals with two people~ They three are like a Happy Family~ Why bother to ask me ? Hahaha~

On another side note, it was quite happy for me to be alone, all the rides, basically barely any queues because single riders can just cut the queue to fill up the empty space 😛

Oh ya, after talking so much~



Comment  Tu T’appelle?

Je M’appelle Kaya~

I started my class with “French Toast” , I was so attracted by the name and they called their students “Toasties” and yes, I’m exactly one of them 🙂

I started my work, with no time for myself, not to say, no time for you~

I text you on the other day of a sudden thought to thank you, for you’ve warmed my heart before, I was genuinely happy although we did stupid things together~

I’m sick~And very sick~

First, I started working at Takashimaya, one of the beauty counters, if you wana find out, visit me and buy from me , wahahahhaha~

I didn’t have enough to sleep because of internal mess by the people above me~

Then I slept 4 hours only for three days continously

After two days of wearing shoes, or I should say, wearing covered heels, my feet gave up on me~

I had to call Ee Ju for help~

Karen, the receptionist was laughing at me lah~

Then after that, I was officially certified as a flat footer, which explains why I keep falling down, why I always can’t wear those cheap heels etc.

I bought a pair of Steve Maddens heels and realized that I can’t wear it for long because of my feet’s condition~

Then I had to buy another pair of heatwave shoes because that’s the company’s official model to wear~

In the end, both I can’t wear, I wore flats instead~

I am sick~

Fell sick with the burden of my feet..

Feet was so painful that I can’t walk yesterday, literally had to limp home~

I cried when I was in Universal studios when I thought of you and I saw happy families and how you’ve asked me to spend the new year with you~ But well~ I’m just weak~

Today was painful as well, because literally, I still had to wear flats which doesn’t suit me completely~ toe was sorta crushed but not the jialat type~

Had asthma attacks from last night, but didn’t know it would get worst when I went to work, on the way walking, I sprayed my Ventolin twice..

I went to work le, after my break , sprayed twice~

Then later, when I was alone at my shift, I was literally spraying it every 20mins, so I panicked~ And asked Jerry for help, and he was rushing me to hospital, but I couldn’t walk away, so the very nice de Xiao Ka mian bao bought me ventolin pills instead.. Because Jerry said if I oversprayed the inhaler , it will die on me and won’t work~ OMG~

Then later, me and Car went to Cineleisure, for some soups, because some warm stuffs helps for my asthma~

I  bumped into Sharon’s hubby- Victor


Eddie and his gf, Ferlyn

Then I suddenly realized I’m having a fever, I can’t walk properly due to feet pain, giddy because of low blood pressure, asthma and my ventolin inhaler finished on me~ OH GOD~

I suddenly thought about nobody pitying me etc.

But yesterday I called William and chatted with him, his Cantonese is good in terms of understanding~

I bumped into Pighead Ah Yu aka Gek Keng, turns out that she’s working for the same company as me~

Anyway, chatting with William these few days, by phone all the way to UK and by facebook~ He scolded me for being stupid for some guy who cheated on me, I felt so loved by my friends that I think I should had just let it go~ Afterall, you lose out by choosing an ugly, stupid and poor gf~ And you had to always act childish when you’re with her~ TOO BAD~

I’m tired, extremely sick and still had to work tomorrow, if not I think my manager will screw me because nobody replace my working hours, and I will have to work for 7 days before I get my first off day~

But the fact that I’m going to KL soon and Ramly burger is waiting for me and that I can still blog now, indicates that I’m not going to die yet~


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