You old big deal arh ?

20 Jun

Hello peeps!
If you’re wondering where had I “MIA” to , I’ve been to work!~

People who know me will know that it’s almost impossible for me to work full time, or to sell myself to a company~

Because, no company is worth to sell yourself, unless it’s your own 😀

Anyway, at 3.30am, I suddenly felt the urge to blog despite the crazy timing and I have to work later~

I’ve a hard time trying to adapt to a regular life, working, go home, sleep, do French homework~ which is why I’m doing a little bit of shift work so that my routine don’t change so drastically~

But anyway, back to the topic of why I’m blogging at such wee hours~

Because… “You old big deal arh?”


Personally, I believed that if you’re at fault, then you are. Regardless of your age.

Yes, we can say that young people lack of experiences, ignorant blah blah blah..

We can say that old people, traditional thinking, blah blah blah~

Yes yes yes!~

We can forgive young people who make mistakes, give face to old people by not forcing them to own up their mistakes etc.

But then again, bear in mind, if you’re the party at fault, please shut up your fat mouth, either you apologize using your bloody mouth, or you just SHUT THE FUCK UP 🙂

I really hate it when the old peeps are at fault and still try to shift this and that~ OMG~

Well, what is the world becoming to ?

I salute the lady who managed to tolerate her~ If she was the one who attempted to take my photo, I will call the police~ Trust me~ I’ve done that before~

YOU OLD BIG DEAL ARH ? Hahahahaha~

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